Illegal Immigrants Committing Crimes


Do you think all illegal immigrants who are ever convicted of a crime should be immediately deported?

Yes! Yes, they should be immediately deported. Illegal immigrants are not supposed to be in the country in the first place. If you’re an illegal immigrant and you’re in the United States of America, you’re breaking the law!

I was reading a report over on The Daily Caller this morning about how a “twice-arrested illegal immigrant” killed a Kansas Sheriff’s Deputy last Sunday.

“Adrian Espinosa-Flores, 38, was charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter and he allegedly was driving drunk and crashed his pickup truck into the patrol car stopped on the side of the road. The crash killed Johnson County (Kansas) Sheriff’s Department Master Deputy Brandon Collins, 45.”

Stories like this one are happening all across the United States of America, but for some reason politicians are using these stories to divide us. We should be united in agreement over what should happen with illegal immigrants.

Why do illegal immigrants get special treatment in this country?

We as a nation seem to be doing everything backwards! We reward criminals and punish the innocent – why is that? Why do we call good evil, and evil good?

Adrian Espinosa-Flores should have never come to the United States illegally in the first place.

The illegal immigration chaos is never ending!

The article goes on to say that “Espinosa-Flores was previously arrested for DUI in California in 2001 and a traffic violation in Kansas in 2013. ICE has said they were not notified of either of those arrests.”

You want to know why ICE wasn’t notified? ICE wasn’t notified because the Kansas City Police Department that arrested Espinosa-Flores said, “it could be considered profiling because of a lot of people of all races are arrested without a proper ID.”

Come again!??

ICE is blaming the police department for not notifying them and the police department is blaming their lack of communication on perceived profiling?

Uh, do your job people!!!

If someone breaks the law, do your job! Please follow proper protocol! Who cares if people think you are profiling! It doesn’t matter what they think, do your job! It’s what you got hired to do in the first place. Why did you become a police officer?

I know you didn’t become a police officer worried about what criminals think. We already know what they think, they are criminals. If a criminal breaks the law or commits a crime they will be arrested.

ICE should be supporting our police officers instead of chastising them or accusing them of racial profiling.

As for illegal immigrants – they are hear in this country ILLEGALLY. They are NOT law-abiding citizens. And if the police catch them committing further criminal activity – YES, they ought to be deported immediately!

Normally I would link to the Daily Caller so you guys can find the article yourselves but unfortunately they decided to display an ad of Kim Kardashian and her nude photos. So….No thanks! Besides…I’m pretty sure if you search it out you can find the article for yourselves.

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  1. Gayla says:

    There is absolutely NO reason illegal immigrants that are arrested for ANY crime, should not be deported immediately. There is NO racial profiling to it. If you are arrested, you have to give up identifying information – if that information shows illegal status, they need to be put on a plane and escorted back, deep within their own country – not dropped off at the border like most are. With all the American jobs going to Mexico, there is NO excuse for them coming here to take even more jobs. If they want to come here, they need to go through the proper channels, period! If that makes me racist, then I guess I am – but there is NO other country in the world where I could go and place huge demands on their government to take care of me with government handouts the way the United States does.

  2. Angela says:

    Last night during the debate I had a light bulb moment..

    Hillary Clinton wants comprehensive background checks for lawful gun ownership but scoffs when Trump mentions vetting non-citizens.

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