Political Polls And How They Are Manipulating Voters Through Fear

fox news poll general election march 2016This morning, while watching Fox & Friends, they discussed the latest results in national polls including “hypothetical” results if the election were held today.

The new Fox News national poll finds both John Kasich and Ted Cruz ahead of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in hypothetical matchups, while Donald Trump trails her.

Kasich does best against Clinton.  He has a double-digit advantage and also comes in above the 50 percent mark:  51 percent to Clinton’s 40 percent.

Cruz is preferred over Clinton by three percentage points (47-44 percent).

Clinton tops GOP front-runner Donald Trump by 11 points (49-38 percent).

The Ohio governor’s advantage comes mostly from independents; they support him over Clinton by 36 points.  Plus, Kasich steals the largest number of Democrats (17 percent).


Given the fact that George Soros is helping fund the campaigns of both Hillary Clinton AND John Kasich, leaves me with serious unrest. John Kasich should have been OUT of the race a LONG time ago! He is unable to win a single state, outside of his own state of Ohio.

How is it possible that he can’t win with the people, but he’s beating Hillary Clinton in these polls?

Think about that for a bit!

Common Sense People! It’s all about common sense!

I give a great deal of thought to these campaigns and have followed both sides, closely, since day one! I think BOTH sides are terrified of Donald Trump, ONLY in a sense that he threatens the BIG  money that has funded and controlled Washington D.C. for so many years. Neither side wants to give up their chunk of the profits.

Because of that financial fear on both sides, I think these polls are being manipulated in such a way that instills fear in the American voters and tries to drive up the numbers for John Kasich in such a way that a general election win for Hillary Clinton would be secured.

Don’t buy into their games people. Use your head.

Watch these candidates from the position of their own financial gain, should they win their own nominations.

The ONLY one that can and will beat Hillary in a general election is Donald Trump!

Look at the number of people, successful, well-respected PEOPLE who are endorsing Donald Trump. Many of them are people we have loved and admired for many years. Obviously they are seeing the same thing I am.

Don’t you want to know what the REAL Washington D.C. is like, where politicians actually do the jobs they are elected to do, without financial coercion?

Many of those in D.C. draw a salary of about $175,000 from the taxpayers – YET many of them are millionaires. It’s because their votes and positions are bought-and-owned by lobby and special interest groups.

If you really want to see Capital Hill working for the American people, you HAVE to vote to get the big money OUT of D.C. and the ONLY way to do that is to vote for Donald Trump!

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  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    Pathetic, it only takes a small bit of common sense to see that the math on these polls doesn’t add up at all. With the crowds that Trump pulls in and the votes that he has already received in the primaries is more than enough proof to show just how much of a lie this would be. Trump would obviously annihilate Hillary in the general election. Kasich has only won one state, and Cruz still falls far behind Trump.

    The only reason the media is promoting this lie is due to the fact that they are being PAID to promote it. George Soros should just save his money, he is not buying this election!! He needs to crawl back under his rock, he has no place in United States politics or policy. He can take his One World Order and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    The only way Trump would not win against Hillary would be if they are allowing dead people, and illegals to vote. I stand FIRMLY with my endorsement and support of Donald J. Trump #Trump2016

    • Gayla says:

      I have always been one to recognize a lack of common sense here and there – but this election process has shown me more and more, just how much common sense is no longer dominate in our society. We’ve created a world that is wrapped in bubble-wrap and where people blame everyone and every thing for their mistakes and shortcomings. It’s like we live in a world full of whiny nine-year-old girls.

  2. David says:

    Well, when George Soros is supporting John Kasich that should alarm people. And Kasich tried to run for president in 2000 when George W. Bush ran. He suspended his campaign. People forget that. He is Ohio’s favorite son and his dad was a mailman. That’s wonderful. His downhill meetings are like group therapy sessions. If he gets the nomination, will Dr Phill be the VP? Will Dr. Oz be the head of HHS or FDA? He bristles when when people refer to him as a member of the establishment but brags about the time he served in Congress and as Governor of Ohio. So he wants to have his cake and eat it too. If he wants to run a positive campaign perpetually I think he is living in a world full of rainbows and unicorns.

    • Gayla says:

      You’re right! It depends on the day and the audience as to what side of his face he’s talking from. John Kasich is in this for the profitable game it has become to him. He is a political spoiler – nothing more, nothing less. I live right next door to Ohio – used to go there often. It’s nothing so great! Two of the poorest cities in the U.S. are IN OHIO. Cincinnati and Cleveland. What does that tell you?

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