Former Democrat’s Voting for Donald Trump – Hear Us Roar

gayla baer-taylor speaks about kate steinle

As I have stated many times, the defining moment for me was Kate Steinle. An innocent girl, gunned down in the Sanctuary City of San Francisco, by an illegal immigrant who had been deported FIVE times. Donald Trump has acknowledged Kate AND her family, MULTIPLE times while our sitting President has YET to say her name once.

In a recent conversation with a longtime friend who is a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, he said this:

“You wouldn't have ever heard about Kate's murder if the corporate media hadn't hyped it up in order to incite racist jealousy in people. The president didn't play the media's game.”

Following my segments on Fox & Friends and Risk & Reward, where I declared “These are not my grandpa’s Democrats,” my friend also said this:

I don't think that your Grandfather would be as upset that you are voting republican as he would be that you allowed yourself to be used as a tool of the media. Your interviews, along with the testimony of a former Democrat member of congress , was used to make it appear like large numbers of Democrats are jumping the fence to the Republican side.

The fact that I have had more than FIFTY people, former Democrats now voting for Donald Trump, email me or message me, leads me to believe there ARE a large number of us out there.

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