Not Before Coffee Mail Bag: Democrat Women for Donald Trump

The following is another one of many emails I have received from fellow women, and/or former Democrat supporters of Donald Trump following my interview on Fox & Friends. So many people believe the media is fudging the numbers on the number of crossover Democrats and the number of women who are voting for Donald Trump. While the number of responses I have received may be small, compared to the national numbers, I am here to give you examples of what I am seeing and hearing.

not before coffee mail box

Hi Gayla,

I saw your Fox interview.  After all the ads coming out about Trump and women, I was very happy to see this interview.  Most of my life, I've voted Democrat – at least until Obama ran.  Then, I voted for McCain – I just could not bring myself to vote for Obama – he was too new and I was very irritated by the fact that he used racism to shut the Clintons up.  That would have been where I departed from political correctness.  When he ran a second time, I wrote in Dave Ramsey as I did not like Mitt Romney either. 

The thing I like about Trump is that he isn't very politically correct, that the establishment hates him, and this country needs change and Donald Trump is nothing if not change. 

I just wanted to say that and hopefully more women will follow your example and move over.

Thank you,

If you would like to share your thoughts on being a woman and/or former Democrat voting for Donald Trump, please drop me an email or leave a comment here. I would LOVE to hear from you!

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