My Interview on Fox and Friends – Why I am a Lifelong Democrat Voting for Donald Trump

Below is the interview in its entirety. It was a short interview and I was able to make a few of the key points I was hoping to make. Since the interview was short, I wanted to share the notes I prepared last night so you can understand fully, why I am voting for Mr. Trump.



Initially I was not a Trump supporter. To be perfectly honest, the whole “birther” argument drove me nuts! However, as time went by and the more I listened to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the more I felt secure with Mr. Trump and the less I trusted Hillary.

Keep in mind that many years ago, I took my boys to see Hillary Clinton when she was in Anderson, Indiana. I have believed for a long time that a vote for Hillary was in a way, a vote for Bill – and I wanted Bill back!

You can plead a dumb case, you can claim to be electronically challenged, but you KNOW when you are mishandling important emails that should be, even if they aren’t, CLASSIFIED!

Then there is Benghazi! To know that ANY human being could take a phone call from people who ARE in imminent danger, could just hang up and lay back down to sleep – while OUR people are being drug through the streets, cut, diced, doused in gasoline, raped, sodomized and cattle prodded, then lit on fire to burn to their death – is SO wrong.

Sure, these kinds of things MAY have happened under other administrations, but THIS incident is recent and with technology being what it is today – with instant contact and communication being what it is – there is NO WAY I could lay my head down and sleep until I knew my people were SAFE!


I have followed Mr. Trump since 2000, when I purchased my first book. Working in the marketing sector, I valued his business sense.

Following Mr. Trump, learning him and knowing him like I do, I TRULY believe he is JUST narcissistic enough to do everything humanly possible to go down in history as the BEST President EVER. He WILL appoint the BEST people to the RIGHT positions because failure will NOT be an option.

I know he flounders some when it comes to debates. He is NOT a debater and he has admitted that, especially on topics like foreign policy. Still, I am reassured in knowing that he will appoint someone who is BRILLIANT on foreign policy to help lead the way. The same goes with each and every issue at hand. I have NO reservations, whatsoever!

The very fact that BOTH parties are fighting SO hard against him right now tells me LOUD and CLEAR that he IS the man for the job.

It’s time all the corruption, lobbyists and special interest groups get out of DC so that America can return to the GREAT country it was – the UNsponsored, UN-paid-for version.


If this were ANYONE else leading to the degree that Donald Trump is, the party would be set, the nominee would be decided and it would be FULLY united.

The divisiveness that is going on, the trickery that is being attempted and encouraged when it comes to voting in attempt to manipulate the vote toward a brokered convention is wrong!

Everyone complains about the violence that they are seeing – honestly, I think this is mild compared to the OUTRAGE that will be witnessed IF this goes to a brokered convention and the absolute front runner is tossed aside for a candidate that can’t even win an entire state.

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  1. Carole Rothweiler says:

    Great Interview….thanks for supporting Trump!

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