Not Before Coffee Mail Bag: Women for Donald Trump

The following is one of many emails I received from fellow women supporters of Donald Trump following my interview on Fox & Friends. I have friends who think the media is fudging the numbers on the number of crossover Democrats and the number of women who are voting for Donald Trump. While the number of responses I have received may be small, compared to the national numbers, I am here to give you examples of what I am seeing and hearing.

not before coffee mail box

I identified so much with you during the Fox interview (which, by the way, you were great!)  My dad, also, was a democrat.  When I voted in my first election at age 18, I looked at all of the candidates and voted for the one I felt most aligned with what I believed.  Unfortunately, for my dad, it was for a Republican and he was livid.  He was from the old Democratic party, worked for U.S. Steel, belonged to the union, etc., etc. 

I agree completely with you that this is not our ancestors' Democratic Party.  My dad would probably turn over in his grave if he could see what it has become.  It truly has become the party that is full of giveaways and entitlements.  I, too, fear for my kids and grandkids.  My goal is for them to realize that it does not take a community to raise a child, it takes good parents, who are not afraid to work and earn a living.  I have been a nurse for over 40 years and have personally witnessed a downward spiral in the city of folks who live for their latest giveaway, either through food stamps, free health care, free school lunch, free cell phones and anything else they can get for ‘free'

When is the country going to realize that NOTHING IS FREE?  Someone is paying for it.  Just because it is coming from the government does not mean that it is ‘free'.  Taxpayer dollars are being used to pay for it, my tax dollars and every other working American. 

Thanks for your voice in this.  I, too, am a Trump supporter and it is my prayer that God will help to turn this country around and we will become great again!

Bless you!


If you would like to share your thoughts on being a woman and/or former Democrat voting for Donald Trump, please drop me an email or leave a comment here. I would LOVE to hear from you!

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