Population Control and Chaos Masked as Diversity Spawns Charlotte Riots – Welcome to Hillary’s America

Diversity is NOT our strength. Increased diversity results in weaker, less trusting communities (chaos). It generates decline in social capital.

People like Obama & Hillary rely HEAVILY on the decline in social capital (basically healthy relationships among all people) by segregating and rewarding micro-groups based on race, religion, gender and sexual orientation with “entitlements” – the more they can segregate, the more chaos ensues. Through chaos, more people buy the promise of “unity and equality” which translates into MORE VOTES to keep them in power where they can keep the chaos alive!

WHY can’t people SEE THAT?

The video below shows a gang of rioting thugs dragging and beating a white man in a parking garage during the Charlotte riots. Where is the outrage for this? Truth? There won’t be an outrage! Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have their liberal playbook and this just doesn’t fit into their game. This folks, is what CHAOS and Population CONTROL masked as diversity looks like! If you are disgusted by this, quietly vote for Donald Trump! A vote for Hillary will create more of this, guaranteed!


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