Calling ALL Democrats – Please Answer This

JosueFloresandKateSteinle_thumb Josue Flores and Kate Steinle

I admit, Trump has said some pretty dumb things, but the fact is, he is honest to a fault. Unlike Hillary who has mastered the art of politics enough that she keeps most of her filthy-mouth and insults well hidden. I have been asking the SAME question for about a year now – no one has answered. Can ANY of my Democrat friends shed some light because I really don’t want to believe it IS what it looks like.

In 2008 I voted for Hillary, then I voted for Obama, TWICE. Last year, after observing how the Obama administration handled itself with regards to Kate Steinle, then Michael Brown, I switched parties. I have asked in SEVERAL places and have YET to get an answer, maybe someone here can.

Kate Steinle – innocent white girl killed in sanctuary city by an illegal immigrant who had been deported FIVE times. Obama (nor Hillary) has NEVER said her name, NOT once!

Josue Flores – Hispanic 11-year-old boy hunted and killed by a black man when he was walking home from school. Obama (nor Hillary) has NEVER said his name, NOT once!

michaelbrownrobbery Remember when Michael Brown did this? Note – He’s the BIG guy!

Michael Brown – black kid as big as a pro linebacker held up a convenience store, tried to grab the gun of a cop, was shot and killed in Ferguson Missouri. His family has been swooned by Obama and Hillary. His mother will be speaking at the DNC convention tonight 7/26

IF ANYONE here can tell me ONE GOOD REASON for Obama or Clinton to NOT acknowledge Josue Flores and Kate Steinle, I’d love to hear it because now and for the last year – it has looked very much like racial agenda, nothing less, nothing more.

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  1. Angela says:

    I’m not a Democrat but I did go ahead and share this to my Twitter page to see if my Democratic connections would chime in on this issue.

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