When Hillary Points a Finger at Donald Trump She Actually Points Three Fingers Back at Herself

New Hillary Clinton attack ad targets Donald Trump for outsourcing the manufacturing of his products featuring a clip of David Letterman.

This morning, a friend of mine, Angela F, shared this commercial with me. Throughout the election season, she’s been on the fence on how to vote in the general election. She did state that she voted for Donald Trump in the primaries. There have been a few times that Hillary has said things or done things that have completely turned her off to Hillary. When she shared this commercial with me, it included her comment “Here is one of those Hitlary commercials!! Was not gonna Vote for him, but I don’t want Hillary in office!! So I have to vote Trump.


In 2012, Donald Trump was not a presidential candidate. He was a a businessman and a TV star, with diversified holdings including real estate and a clothing line (then available at Macy’s). He went on David Letterman’s “The Late Show” to plug his new product, as many celebrities do.

But when the topic turned to outsourcing, things got a little awkward.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has re-purposed that interview for a new campaign ad. The entirety of the ad is that snippet of interview.

Letterman holds up shirts and ties and asks where they were made. China for one, Bangladesh another.


When Angela F shared the commercial with me along with her comment, I responded with the following…

You know, when I saw that commercial I saw it very differently than how the Hillary camp likely intended. How I saw it… Donald Trump has always been a business man. Our government and their taxation tactics and NAFTA made it impossible for businesses to compete and remain in the U.S. Donald Trump did what SO many other businesses did – he took his manufacturing outside the country where he could make a greater profit.

Trump has been very honest and vocal about knowing the system from the OTHER side because he WAS the other side. It is because of THAT kind of knowledge, he will be able to do what is necessary to bring businesses BACK to the U.S. not continue to drive them out as Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton have done.

Donald Trump was on the hot seat on Letterman BECAUSE of Hillary and HER HUSBAND NOT because they created a country that was suitable for him to KEEP his business here, but because they created a country where it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to keep his business here.

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