Welfare and Public Assistance Abusers Suck!

welfare abusers suck

Notice I say ABUSERS! If you do NOT abuse the system, then you will not be offended by what I have to say. If you ARE offended, then I hope I piss you off just enough that you will step up and take responsibility for YOUR life and do what you have to do so I don’t have to support you!

Explaining to my kids why they work hard, make a good salary and, as hard-working, single men, they pay HUGE amounts of taxes only to get a fraction back, while those with much smaller incomes and government benefits get much larger amounts on tax returns. I ALMOST said “get back” but they didn’t pay in that much to begin with. It’s gross!

It’s SO frustrating doing our kids taxes, seeing them work hard, and get almost NO reward for their efforts.

I seriously HATE our government as it is!

My frustration isn’t toward ALL who get benefits – there are some who need them.

I KNOW this!

BUT, I see SO many abusing the system and bragging on how much they get in tax returns. I HOPE they know EXACTLY where all that money is coming from. It’s NOT from the government – it’s from those of us who work hard and pay into it. So when that bunch is bragging, I hope they are thanking their friends, families and neighbors for making tax season SO rewarding for them.

In ALL my years, as a single mom, I NEVER used public assistance. There was a time I tended bar on weekends, cleaned houses during the week and worked as an online assistant to a mortgage broker. I took very little time away from my kids waking hours. I worked to the wee hours of the morning to make ends meet and provide for MY kids! 

I lived with my dad to help with some expenses. Not what I wanted to do, but I did what I HAD to do to make it.

I would have had it a LOT easier and made more, on welfare, but I didn’t want to teach my kids to take from others for choices I MADE, and the life that was dealt me because of MY CHOICES!

I’m proud of that! I just don’t get why some people don’t strive for the same sense of pride!

If there are people getting angry at this conversation, then they are probably part of the problem. I’m well beyond the point of caring what abusers think.

Those who know me well, know I will bend over backwards to help those in need.

If they are hungry, I will feed them. If they are cold, I will give them clothes, blankets or whatever they need. What I won’t do is enable them to stay down, broke, weak and full of excuses.

I desperately WANT to abolish the IRS and to see a FAIR tax put in place. Everyone would pay tax on THEIR purchases. It would definitely encourage much WISER spending!

I also think men who have multiple kids they don’t take care of should get some of their debt forgiven, in exchange for them having vasectomy!

Women who have multiple kids they can’t care for should be REQUIRED to have some sort of permanent or semi-permanent form of birth control.

Our government needs to stop this crap of “having babies” being so lucrative! It’s NOT a career option! It is a burden and one that many should bear ON THEIR OWN.

They make the choice to get pregnant. They know the men they are having children with – yet they are not placed in the position of having to live the LIFE they CHOOSE!

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