Being Attacked as a Donald Trump Supporter – The Funniest Story You Will Ever Read

I have heard many people talk about being ridiculed for being a Donald Trump supporter. I have repeatedly thanked my friends and family for being GROWN UP enough to support my opinions and RIGHT to vote for whomever I wish, as much as I support theirs. Up until yesterday, I had NEVER been attacked, NOT once.

I have engaged in informative and educational discussions, but NEVER, felt attacked. I think that speaks volumes for the kind of people I choose to surround myself with. True, intelligent, educated and passionate people who would rather learn and grow, than to play a constant victim like so many of the disrupters I see on television or on the feeds of other Trump supporters.

Yesterday, I was shocked to receive a message from a friend who informed me of the following comment that had been made about me.

During the unrest in Ferguson, I, along with several people I know, unfriended a former coworker for allowing racial comments on her wall. I always felt a tinge of guilt. Not surprised at all that she was on Fox and Friends saying she was going to vote for Trump. Guilt is gone. She's exactly who I thought she was.

When I learned who this was, I have to be honest, I had not even realized this person had unfriended me. Obviously the “friendship” wasn’t a close one.

When it comes to my Facebook wall, comments on social media or on my blog, I will ONLY remove comments that contain things like the N word, C word, or that are downright vulgar. I take the position that IF someone is going to be an asshole, I let them. I would rather people be who they are than to be concerned with being politically correct. I’m a big girl and can take insults. Besides, isn’t it better to know WHO the assholes are so we can avoid them in the real world?

I could not believe someone would UNFRIEND me for comments that were made by OTHER people, and not ME.


Well the insults and attacks did not end there.

Once the video was posted, I tried hard to go through all the comments and acknowledge every single person who commented in support of the effort. It was a HUGE task. I was amazed at the support.

While going through the comments, I came across the following:

donald trump supporter attacked

I found that so completely laughable because THIS post from October 2008 tells an entirely different story!

I acknowledged her with this comment:

donald trump supporter attacked2

She stuck to her guns:

donald trump supporter attacked5

Looking back, all of my comments and posts surrounding Ferguson were that of recognizing Michael Brown as the bully he was. Michael Brown PUT HIMSELF in that PLACE AND TIME and unfortunately, he suffered fatal consequences. Unlike Kate Steinle who was a completely innocent victim. I STAND by my position of being disgusted in our President for acknowledging Michael Brown but NOT Kate Steinle.

So I tagged my friend mentioned in that October 2008 post in that particular thread. It was so unbelievable insane, I couldn’t help but share it with her.

donald trump supporter attacked2 bNow, my friend Angela and I have made amends and we have returned to being the best of friends. She tends to be emotionally charged and takes her position as a TRUE Patriot very seriously! She left this comment to which my “former friend” responded:

donald trump supporter attacked2 b ang  

Finally, I made an attempt to defuse the entire situation with this:

donald trump supporter attacked6

It was at that point she BLOCKED me and I was no longer able to read the thread. She did not block Angela. She did go on with the conversation even after I was blocked, almost as if I were still there:

donald trump supporter attacked7

Just before Angela was blocked, she posted this:


I am still gob smacked that the  ONLY insult or attack I have gotten has been this one. But considering the person and the life experiences she is enduring at the moment, I can easily see that I am not the precise target of her attacks, I am just a handy target when she cannot act out toward those she would rather attack.

I don’t dislike her, I don’t hate her one bit. I do wish her well and hope that her life gets in order and back to a place where she can be happy again.

I’m just still trying to wrap my mind around HOW anyone could EVER imagine ME in an argument or disagreement that puts me in the position of being a staunch Palin supporter.


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