Mr. President YOU Screwed Up Big! Shame on You!


It’s no secret that I voted for Barak Obama in the last two elections. And it’s no secret that I *personally* think our country is in a much better place now than it was when he took office. I also think our world is a safer place with the terrorists that have been eliminated during the Obama years.

Under most circumstances, I tried to find the good in the choices that were being made for our country. However, with the recent murder of Kate Steinle, I have found that place in the sand, where I draw a very distinctive line.

Looking back over the cases that DID provoke a call from the President, I find the lack of mention, communication and the OBVIOUS lack of compassion from President Obama and Michelle to be unforgiveable.

I REALLY did not want to jump to any conclusion, but it’s obvious that politics and the liberal position on illegal immigration are far more important than the life (and death) of Kate Steinle.

I will be watching each and every candidate in the upcoming election closely! I am beyond sick of the same old talking points from BOTH sides. I don’t want lip service that has been perfected and is served up in a manner that incites anger, fear and rage as a means to secure votes of unsuspecting voters.

My respect for President Obama has all but ceased to exist.

My heart breaks for the family of Kate Steinle! It is Kate herself that has made dealing with illegal immigration a TOP priority for me in the upcoming election.

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  1. Mary Bee says:

    This woman’s murderer is incarcerated, so she’s seen justice. Many victims of mass shootings will get to see justice, because their shooters are usually arrested and charged with crimes, if they don’t take the cowardly way out and kill themselves. I have empathy for her, because I don’t believe that anyone should be murdered by any other person, and I especially empathize because I’m very afraid of being shot by an angry man with a chip on his shoulder. She died in the worst possible way and that’s horrifying.

    But he didn’t murder her because he is an illegal immigrant, he murdered her because he’s angry and bitter and wanted to hurt people in retaliation for whatever it was he felt he wasn’t receiving. And people ARE talking about that, but random shootings are actually a relatively recent phenomenon, and it’s related to male entitlement and lax gun control laws.

    Black people who are murdered are murdered as part of system of racism that extends back to the birth of our country, and it’s an issue that’s presumed to be extinct but has really transformed into “colorblind racism.” The issues do have some overlap, but they’re really different, and the president has demonstrated concern for all of them. He’s the president, so that necessarily means confronting multiple issues simultaneously.

    From what I understand, Obama has been agitating for stricter gun control laws, laws that would have saved her life. You don’t need to disrespect Trayvon, Freddie, and Michael to bring attention to this girl’s death. They were all murdered in cold blood and that’s really horrifying.

    Also, I think it’s strange that you chose to focus on a shooting perpetuated by a person of color, when shootings and instances of police brutality are overwhelmingly committed by white men. That’s beside the fact that the way you framed this, makes it sound like you’re baffled as to why someone would prioritize black men over a white woman. You’ve made an implicit value judgment in this post, and it’s that this one white woman’s life is worth more than all of the black people who have died before or since. Otherwise, what supports your argument?

    • Gayla says:

      She has not seen justice until that guy is DEAD!

      He couldn’t have murdered her if he had not been in this country to begin with.

      Disrespect Trayvon? Freddie? and Michael? Didn’t they all have criminal records? To me that kinda forfeits one’s right to respect. Especially Michael Brown. What he did was horrible and in the end, he paid the ultimate price.

      Stricter gun laws will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Do you REALLY think that an illegal immigrant who was breaking the law would not get his hands on a gun?

      Okay, I’ll bite – What about the shootings in Tennessee? HOW Long did it take Obama to lower the flags or acknowledge them? He is their Commander and Chief. It just seems to me that Obama is fueling racism by picking and choosing who he will acknowledge quickly and who he won’t acknowledge at all.

      Obama made it about race. Not me.

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