I Will Not Subject to Bully Voting Tactics

Even when it looks like there is NO choice, there IS A CHOICE!

As I prepare to cast my vote in Indiana, I have done my research and have determined who is most worthy of my vote. The sad part is, most positions don’t offer me a choice because there is only one candidate listed.

During the last election, Indiana was called with only 2% of the votes reporting, which I find very sad!

The way I intend to vote is FOR the candidate, not the party.

Here’s why!

A few years ago, I received a tip on a job opening in our town. I would have LOVED that job, but the ONLY requirement for this “clerical” position was that I be registered Republican. It didn’t matter if I could tie my shoes, type a letter, answer a phone, keep accurate books – all that mattered was that I be a registered Republican.

It’s that VERY control that prompted me to say “Hell NO!”

I pride myself on voting for the PERSON, not the party. I take pride in casting a colorful ballot that has been WELL thought out and planned.

Things that make me go Hmmmm!

In Indiana, how many people are liberal at heart, but register as Republican because it’s the only way to win?

How many people, who would be wonderful candidates, don’t run because they know the ONLY way to win in Indiana is to run on the Republican ticket?

As I look at my choices, it makes me sad to see there is only ONE candidate listed. Like I have no choice. But you know what? I do have a choice. I don’t have to vote for that single option, just because it’s the ONLY option.

Consider this – IF there is ONE candidate listed and people don’t like him or her – Sure, they are going to get the spot, but what would the people be telling that candidate if they won by 4 votes instead of the majority of the county?

See what I mean?

That would send a CLEAR message to the citizens of the county that people WANT someone else, but there IS No One else to choose.

As you go to the polls, PLEASE vote for those candidates you really believe in. Vote for those who are most in line with your beliefs and those you think will get the job done. Don’t vote for a candidate just because they are your only option. SKIP them!

As you can see by my choices, MOST of the spots only offer one choice and if that is the way my county is going to play politics, then I will make the choice to skip them.

henry county indiana voting choices

They either EARN my vote or they don’t.

Now, get out there and vote. Be heard. Make a statement and let the world know you mean business!

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  1. Marye says:

    YEP!!! Except here it was Democrats with no one running against them. There is one candidate I despise who pushes an agenda that would not be tolerated if she was another race… and she has been voted in for 20 years because no one runs against her. My ticket was NOT just Republican because I have serious issues with some of the candidates. I voted my research. Nothing wrong with refusing to vote for an idiot just because they are the only one on the ballot.

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