Bryan Sanders – Anti-Trump Protestor is Full of Sh!t

I’ll share the latest video from his appearance on CNN Newsroom Carol Costello as soon as the official link comes available.

First of all, DUDE, change your clothes! He’s still wearing the same clothes today as he was at the rally. Typical hippie trying to defend his free ride.

Carol Costello asked how how Bryan was doing.

“The media circus has been intense. The physical pain has been annoying. And he's just there to talk about Donald Trumps attempts to divide us.”


This coming from a man who attended a Donald Trump rally, carrying a Confederate Flag sign, with Donald Trumps image with the words “Bad for America.” As well as being with a woman who was wearing a KKK hood.

Bryan has the audacity to say that Mr. Trump is trying to divide the country?

Bryan, what were your actions doing?

I am absolutely dumbfounded by the delusional ability of this man to twist and turn his own actions and place the entire blame on Mr. Trump.

The full interview was nothing short of nauseating!

This folks, is a BIG part of WHY I am NO LONGER a Democrat.

I was just telling my husband yesterday that I can't believe I was part of such a warped belief system for SO long!

As I have said before, the Democrats have become the party that keeps people poor, weak and ARMED with excuses.

So glad I have seen the light!

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