Huffington Post Peddles Half Truths – And The Real Conversation I Had Because of It

Early this morning, I had the following conversation when I noticed someone had shared the following horrible misquote of a Donald Trump tweet that was being distributed by Huffington Post.

Trump tweet misquoted by huffington post

This conversation is just ONE example of the kinds of misinformation that is being peddled. It’s quite disturbing to me.

I will refrain from sharing the persons identity and will give this person the benefit of the doubt that

  • It was very early
  • They may have needed more coffee for them to realize what they were actually saying.

The conversation went like this (I copied it directly from the thread):

Me: That is not the full message at all. It was a tweet. How could they not copy the full text? Believe half what you see and none of what you hear. Here’s a screenshot of the real tweet in real context.

Trump tweets following orlando shooting

Misinformed Person:  If Trump would’ve just sent tweet #2 that you have up there, it would’ve been a lot better, there was no need, not the place for tweet #1!

Me: The way tweets work is bottom to top. Bottom was sent early morning. The next was sent more than an hour later. As the day progressed and details were revealed, he was slammed with comments of thanks and congrats. He acknowledged the people and let them know where their focus should be. In the whole context, he handled it properly.

Again, believe have what you see and none of what you hear. I research everything. So many tricks these days.

Misinformed Person: Then why does the 1st one say 15h (15h ago) and 2nd tweet is 16h (16h ago = 1 hour later) than the 1st tweet?!

Me: The one shared here as 16 hours ago was tweeted at 11:45 AM. Tweet #2 was made an hour later at 12:43 PM (just after noon)

When speaking about hours AGO – 16 hours would be before 15 hours ago. Welcome to Monday 🙂

/End conversation

This is the kind of information that scares me to death. People are NOT thinking. People are NOT doing their own research – they are simply sharing information that is shared on Facebook.

Another example is a story that is circulating about an additional person being involved in the shooting. It’s said someone was holding the door shut. The person that was holding the door shut was actually a confused and scared victim that was trying to clear a path for many to escape. Unfortunately, it was to the detriment of other victims involved, but there was not another terrorist on the scene – at least not one that has been confirmed. This story has been verified by the actual victim who was holding the door.

I cannot encourage people enough to RESEARCH. If you are unclear about something, PLEASE email ME or message me on Facebook, I would be more than happy to dig in and check things out for you.

In this crucial time, it’s important that you have all the fact. Believe half what you see and NONE of what you hear until you have real, legitimate resources as confirmation.

If you have something to add, please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you

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