The REAL hidden agenda of the Democratic party

I’ve made it well known that, throughout my adult life, I have been a Democrat. In August, 2015, I became a Republican. I did so after the life of Kate Steinle was snuffed out at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had been deported FIVE TIMES and was living in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

Weeks went by and our sitting president NEVER acknowledged her death. While he had, in THREE DAYS, acknowledged the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and others like him.

Donald Trump and other Republicans had acknowledged her NUMEROUS times. That grabbed my attention in a BIG way!

Since then, I have watched our politicians closely. I have listened to their speeches and have concluded, beyond ALL doubt that the hidden agenda of the Democratic party is to keep poor people down, and armed with excuses for being right where they are, rather than making them OWN their situation as being that of their OWN choices.

You see, as long as the Democrats keep people poor, dependent on welfare, and as long as they reward them for producing more children into their system, they are BUILDING their party base. They are securing future voters, for generations to come.

Recently, on Fox Business, The Manhattan Institute’s Heather MacDonald shed even more light on this hidden agenda.

the hidden agenda of the democratic party  Watch the Video Here

The real cause of crime and drive-by shootings is the breakdown of the black family. And unless we have the guts to talk about that, we are going to continue this effort to change the conversation and demonize cops.”

Heather MacDonald criticized Hillary Clinton’s assertion that guns from Vermont are responsible for New York crime.

Guns from Vermont are NO MORE the problem in New York than guns from Indiana are the problem in Chicago!

Until we wake up, stop being so damn politically correct and so worried about hurting people’s feelings, there are going to be excuse after excuse for the senseless deaths that are to blame on the breakdown in the poorest areas of the U.S. Sometimes it takes TOUGH LOVE to pick people up and set them on the better path!

The Democratic party has enslaved the black population. They have made them so dependant on the government for their ability to exist and survive. I am not being racist, I am being realistic!

A good place to start is for the black community needs to move away from the REAL racist people who parade as advocates and civil rights leaders like the ‘so-called’ reverend Al Sharpton, the ‘so-called’ reverend Jesse Jackson, etc.

Sharpton and Jackson, to name two of many, have made a career, and a FORTUNE out of keeping their fellow blacks down, where they feel slighted by the white race. Please don’t listen to them! The black community MUST WANT to help itself FIRST. They can do better, and should.

By the same token, this is also true in the breakdown of white families. The sad truth is we have a DRUG EPEDEMIC that knows no bounds, it knows NO color! Cities have been torn apart, and held captive by lack of funding, poor support, and little hope. When that happens, this is what you get, and the Democrats prey on this.

As I have said many times before, the Democrats are the party of the weak and poor and they continue to arm them with excuses to remain right where they are.

The Democrats are NO LONGER the party of the working class, they are the party of the WORKLESS CLASS. They try to lure their voter base with promises of free education, lower taxes by taxing the wealthiest of American’s and businesses – but that WON’T HAPPEN!

First of all, there is NO pride to be had in robbing from the rich and giving to the poor who don’t work to support their OWN CHOICES!

Now, those financial hits to businesses that Hillary and Bernie are promoting will only result in an increase in the cost of goods and services that will be passed on to the consumer.

Don’t kid yourself!

The financial wealth the Democrats are promising to distribute was created in a capitalist society, not socialist.

If they succeed, they can only take so much before there is NOTHING more to take. Then what? Where exactly would we go from there?

Think about it. It all makes perfect sense if you just open your eyes, do your research and RECOGNIZE the Democratic party for what it HAS BECOMENOT what it USED TO BE!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hello Gayla
    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this blog. This one in particular is so very important as I will be sitting my children down today and including this information in my talk with them regarding our country, the state that it is in, what our future might hold. You see, my oldest daughter, a young, impressionable, naive nineteen year old has stated she is a democrat. In a sea of republican family members I am somewhat surprised but not entirely as her boyfriend of 1 year is also an ill advised democrat. My 13 year old son is very curious and inquisitive and has the same ambitious views as his parents do. Last but nit least my 5 year old daughter who happened to be an amazing blessing and surprise shortly before I was to celebrate my 40th birthday, she will be present because she is old enough to retain conversations and I want her to remember this one. I plan to read from your blog and want to tell them that whatever happens if Hillary should win the election that I, dad, and grandparents and so many others are deeply sorry, that we tried everything in our power to prevent this from happening.You and I both know if the dems continue on in office that our already struggling country may fall down altogether. Its terrifying yet a reality that we are facing for our children’s future in this country. I would welcome any suggestions you might have for me before I sit them all down. I just feel compelled as a mother that bad things may very well happen and God forbid they do, but in the midst of terrible changes happening in our country or terrible things happening that they remember mom telling them that we tried to save this country and their way of life and just how deeply sorry we are. I know that it sounds as if I think we have already been defeated but as a mother, the thought of your children suffering in any way or being hurt in any way and not being able to stop it or prevent it, a parent wants to cry out just how sorry they are. That they tried everything they could to stop this.

    • Gayla says:


      Thanks for commenting! What a great thing you are doing – to sit down with your kids and discuss the politics of today. Things have changed SO much just in my own adult life. Politics isn’t about doing what’s best for the people anymore, it’s all about the financial game and power now.

      Politicians say and do anything and everything they think the people want to hear to get voted, but the real story that supports their REAL interest can be found on

      On that website you can see just how much money each candidate receives from lobbyists and special interest groups. It’s disturbing. I would love to see those groups banned from DC altogether.

      One thing I would urge your kids to do is to WATCH the politicians with their own eyes and listen carefully with their own ears. It is very telling when you start paying attention.

      When I saw our President rush to contact the parents of criminals or trouble-makers but NEVER contacted the parents of Kate Steinle or Josue Flores, it broke my heart.

      Those were two VERY innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and died because of it. They were two people who should have been acknowledged by our president, but they never were.

      There is a book out that talks about race-pimping and just how our modern politics preys on minority groups to gain maximum control. I can’t think of anything else to call it but modern day slavery.

      Sure, Obama wants to raise minimum wage, but he says or does NOTHING to say what will become of our economy when that happens. If minimum wage goes up, the cost of living won’t be far behind. Furthermore, the result of a wage hike will be job cuts and more businesses turning to automation or outsourcing to keep overhead low.

      Minimum wage jobs were NEVER intended to be primary income. They should be for teens, retirees looking for additional income and supplemental income only.

      I only began to see the light about a year ago – before that, I was a die-hard Democrat. Once Kate Steinle was murdered and I began to pay attention to how her case was handled, it opened my eyes to even more corruption. Now it’s like I see it everywhere. Once you begin to see it, you won’t UNSEE it and you will see it quickly each time it presents itself.

      I’m not sure what else I can say or do to help with your talk. There’s lots of information out there that may be helpful – I would recommend looking into topics of privatized prisons and mass incarceration – there’s REALLY big money in DC for that. Also, Race-pimping. There is an author, I don’t recall his name at the moment, I think Jackson. He’s amazing and exposing the efforts of civil rights leaders and our president.

      It disgusts me to see what politics is doing to our minorities and breaks my heart that so many think they really do have their best interest at heart.

      Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear.

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