How Donald Trump Broke All-Time Early Voting Records in Florida Before Voting Begins on Oct 24

How Donald Trump Broke All-Time Early Voting Records in Florida Before Voting Begins on Oct 24

We all know Florida is a MUST-WIN state for Donald Trump for him to declare victory in this very critical 2016 election. Yesterday the News Alert Blog reported: Florida Shocker: Republicans Winning By 120,000 Votes In Early Voting. #Trump the FIRST Republican EVER to win early votes in FL! #TrumpPence16.

Shortly after I shared the news on Twitter and Facebook, someone kindly pointed out:

The early voting period in Florida begins October 29, 2016 and they don’t announce those results separately.

So, being the TRUTH & FACT FINDER I am, I dug in to  share the details.

Let me break this down for anyone challenging this news…

Technically, depending on the dates set by county, early voting in Florida starts between October 24th and October 29th, and ends on either November 5th or November 6th.

Considering that early voting has not started in Florida YET, how is it that Donald Trump is the FIRST Republican candidate to EVER lead in early Florida Voting?

According to Vote-by-Mail Request & Early Voting Statistics the number of “Vote by Mail Requests” are as of 9/25/2016 are:

  • Republican (881,493)
  • Democrat (760,189)
  • Independent (348,146)

That is a difference of +121,304 to Republican at the time of this publication. See screenshot here or click the image to view this and an entire breakdown by county:

early voting statistics in florida general election 2016

We also KNOW that Donald Trump dominates the larger share of Independent votes as well. That means a LARGE chunk of that 348,146 number of Independent’s WILL go Republican thus pushing him easily up and over a 200,000 vote lead. And that’s a very conservative calculation.

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image credit: Facebook Dan Scavino Jr. Director Social Media for Donald Trump

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