Your Word is Your Bond – Apparently it’s a black thing now and not a Bible thing


Apparently the biggest issue with the whole Melania Trump/Michelle Obama speech fiasco is with the phrase “your word is your bond.”

As MUCH as I am around the Internet – as much as I read/watch the news and stay on top of current events – I NEVER knew the phrase “your word is your bond” is “rooted” in black America, and apparently has a hip-hop history. So to USE that phrase today, in the overly-politically-correct year of 2016 because we live in a world of whiny 9-year-olds is apparently “politically INCORRECT.”  Never mind it was used in THE BIBLE and in the book of Matthew.

When I did a quote search, I found several examples of this phrase credited to several including John Q and Melvyn Douglas (a white American actor from the 1930’s). NINETEEN-THIRTIES! Really!

According to Geneva Smitherman, author of Black Talk: Words and Phrases from the Hood to the Amen Corner, yo word is yo bond represents a “resurfacing of an old familiar saying in the Black Oral Tradition.” It was popularized after 1964 by the Five Percent Nation, an Islamic group that stressed authenticity and self-knowledge alongside social progressivism. (source)

Now, I have to wonder, IF, as a society, we are being forced to be SO politically correct that certain race groups (err cultural movements) are now taking phrases from the Bible, tweaking them a bit, making them their OWN and then make it offensive for people of a “different color” to use them?

Seriously? Is that the kind of world YOU want to live in?

That is the world we are facing with a Hillary Clinton win.

Unless American’s get their act together and get behind Donald Trump, we should all buy the book Black Talk: Words and Phrases from the Hood to the Amen Corner to get some idea of what will and WILL NOT be appropriate to say.

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  1. Rita Pryor says:

    The whole Melania Trump thing was not about simply the phrase “your word is your bond”, it is clearly evident that she stole more from the speech when you listen to both. But you are correct when you say that it does originate from the bible even if not those exact words. Everyone should choose their words wisely, not to be politically correct, but to not be hateful, insulting, condescending or sinful. Donald Trump gets away with it because he has money and it seems that because that’s what some people equate to success he gets a pass. Using hateful inconsiderate words is just ugly and sinful and I guess those who supported this Racist Bigot feel they can say whatever they like. But what does God say? Since you chose to reference the bible

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