Liberal Media Puppet Chris Matthews is a Heartless POS Living in the Pocket of Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton and Mike Browns mother Lesley McSpadden

WASHINGTON POST: MSNBC host Chris Matthews claimed Monday that the mother of Sean Smith, a U.S. information management officer killed in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, “ruined” the evening with her criticism of Hillary Clinton during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Mr. Matthews called it a “gross accusation” that Mrs. Clinton had anything to do with the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

MY COMMENT: Even when the REAL Benghazi report proved our men were put in, and kept in harms way to further the political agenda of Obama? Really?

Chris Matthews: “I don’t understand why the Republicans would choose to put this on prime-time television when they have such wonderful stories of American heroism to speak to the American people,” Mr. Matthews said, Mediaite reported. “I think it was wrong.

MY COMMENT: They DID have several GREAT American heroes AND victims of illegal immigrants that spoke! Fox News, CNN AND MSNBC chose NOT to air those speeches. Instead, commentators took over the screens with idle commentary, blocking those speeches from being heard by the people.

Chris Matthews: “I don’t care what that woman up there, the mother, has felt. Her emotions are her own. But for the country in choosing a leader, it’s wrong to have someone get up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton. It’s not true. It’s logically not true,” he added. “I think it’s wrong that they ruined their evening with this.”

MY COMMENT: Rumor has it that Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown is scheduled to speak at the DNC next week. I’ll be watching closely to see if Chris Matthew’s feels the same way about the mother of a thug as he does about the mother of a HERO!

If you can’t see the ABSOLUTE divisiveness and race-pimping that is being done by the Democrats, I hope and pray your eyes are opened up like mine have been over the last year.

Think about and ponder the list of guest speakers at both conventions – that should be a good start at realizing just where the political agenda is focused for BOTH parties.

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