Why John Kasich and Ted Cruz are still running – they are acting like spoiled children

… and it’s going to hand the White House to Hillary Clinton!

Why John Kasich and Ted Cruz are still running – they are acting like spoiled children

My husband and I were discussing the presidential race this morning – going over the delegates and the “path” each of the Republican candidates profess to have looking toward a nomination or a contested convention.

Frankly, I find the whole thing to be VERY telling of the candidates. It’s a JOKE!

Here is my opinion – John Kasich and Ted Cruz have ENORMOUS egos! Neither one wants to concede and get behind the frontrunner, Donald Trump. They either want TOP SPOT or nothing at all.

What does that tell you?

It tells me they are acting like spoiled children and that neither of them have the American people at heart. They want to play the political game, even if it means handing over the election to Hillary Clinton in November. Those two could care less about what the majority of voters want! Especially John Kasich!

Those polls that show him winning an election against Hillary? That’s a JOKE! It’s FAKE! It’s manipulated by BIG media and the establishment to keep him tooling along!

The establishment is using BOTH Ted Cruz and John Kasich as pawns in a giant political game of Chess. They are buying right into the game – falling for the loads of crap the establishment is spoon-feeding them and it’s going to cost us, BIG!

If Kasich and Cruz would drop off now and team up with Donald Trump, the Republican’s would be UNSTOPPABLE!

With them being SO unwilling to team up and work together, I think the American people should let them KNOW that’s what we want!

When going to the polls, voting for Donald Trump would FORCE them to unite! It would push that team together, avoid a contested convention and we could ALL move on with a game plan to prevent Hillary from taking the White House.

The reason this is NOT happening folks is POLITICANS don’t want to put an damper on the big money in DC. They want to keep riding that financial train of opportunity and keep the money flowing.

A Trump nomination would put all the money in danger.

Let these guys know what you want. Let them know the American people mean business when we say we do NOT want Hillary in the White House.

Make YOUR vote count!

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  1. I agree with 90% of your analysis. John Kasich has no path to the nomination whatsoever. What is even worse for Kasich is that he does not have voting Republicans behind him. He has won one state.

    On the other hand I believe that Ted Cruz has won 10 or 11 states and is trailing Trump in the popular vote nationwide by about 2 million. Ted needs to win around 85% of the remaining delegates in order to secure the nomination on the 1st ballot. The chance of him doing that is somewhere between 0 and 1%. You would have a better chance of hitting the lottery.

    With that said, Trump clearly is winning the popular vote and the majority of states so far. The Northeast and Middle Eastern states will put him, in football terms, in the RED ZONE for a 1237+ first ballot victory. CALIFORNIA is the state that will give TRUMP 1ST AND GOAL TO GO for a 1237+ first ballot victory.

    All of the pundits are predicting that Trump will be stopped short of 1237. If that happens and rule 40b stands then only Trump and Cruz will be on the first ballot as nominees. This puts MAJOR PRESSURE on the 150 or so unbound delegates on the first ballot. By my analysis, worst case, Trump will need about 40 of the 150 unbound delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot. I would hate to be one of those 150 unbound delegates. The pressure is going to be enormous and very likely they are already getting hammered constantly everyday to sign up with one faction or another. I hear it is even legal to be bribed to sign up! Imagine that.

    In summary, Trump still has a great shot to win on the first ballot if he is doing his due diligence in securing as many unbound delegates as possible. I would bet that every faction has the names, addresses and a ton of other information on these unbound delegates. You can bet that there are big background checks and private detectives checking into each and everyone of them to try and dig up any dirt whatsoever in order to try and control them! Yes, politics is much akin to mud wrestling – even worse! If Trump fails to get past the finish line (1237) on the first ballot then he is probably toast. A large majority of the delegates that are bound to him on the first ballot will be released on the second and subsequent ballots. Rest assured that if he fails on the first ballot that we are likely to get Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, or even possibly Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan as the Republican nominee.

    If that happens, what will Trump do? Rule 40b is only in effect on the first ballot, I do believe. He had to know that the process was rigged against him from day 1 and that the only way to win would be to get 1237 or more delegates. Will he see back room deals made by the Establishment to pack the delegate population with anti-Trumpers as unfair? If so, will he run 3rd party? If he does run 3rd party can he win? A 3rd party victory in the Presidential race would be earth shattering to the establishment of both parties. In this case I am not so sure that a 3rd party Trump run would give the White House to the Democrats since there are so many that will not vote for Hillary or Bernie.

    Interesting, very interesting indeed.

  2. Gayla says:

    I will be among the first to admit that I have not paid much attention to politics and the whole “delegates” game until this year. I hope more people are doing the same.

    It’s very telling to the games that are being played to steal the nominations and elections away from the people.

    It’s terrible that the “establishment” is all for the voters and what they want, as long as it coincides with what the establishment wants. Once the voters deter from their goal, that’s when it becomes obvious that the voters don’t mean a hill of beans.

    I hope and pray Trump gets to the 1237 before convention. I want more than anything to see WHAT the establishment does when they can’t do a damn thing. 🙂

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