Donald Trump Mocked a Reporter with a Disability – Or Did He?


The media got it SO wrong, BUT do you know WHY they force-feed this story?

You’ll be very surprised! Even as much as I support Donald Trump, this is one of those stories that really bothered me. But, like everyone else, I was only getting a small bit of the whole story.  

I’ll say it again, believe HALF what you see and NONE of what you hear – UNLESS you do extensive research and find the absolute, verifiable proof to support the claim. And, unless it comes from the DNC or Hillary, then of course, believe NOTHING!

Check this…Democrats and establishment GOP opponents of Donald Trump, over the past year, push the “MYTH” that Donald Trump MOCKED the disability of New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski.

Granted, this accusation has served them very well as a convenient tool to smear Trump’s character AND to avoid having to confront him on substantive political issues.

But is it true?

Without reinventing the wheel, I found this article on Catholics for Trump. Don’t let the name fool you, they have done an excellent job at providing links, images and VIDEO to support their research.

THIS is the story the media is not telling you along with a VERY clear explanation of WHY they are not telling you the truth! I urge you to take a few minutes to read this article, watch the video samples and click on their links. SEE the TRUTH with your OWN two eyes and hear it with your OWN two ears!

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