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Over the last several days, I have read several comments where the people who are outraged with the illegal killing of Cecil the Lion are being questioned and/or criticized for their position. I've watched several of my friends go from being outraged to questioning their own position when there are so many other issues that scream for attention, and that seem to fail striking a similar, global chord.

Let me ask you:

  • Are you a parent of more than one child?
  • Do you have more than one pet?
  • Do you have more than one friend or family member you love and admire?

If you answered YES to any of those questions – then you do realize you are capable of loving more than one living being, equally, right?

As humans engaged and immersed in a world of Internet and social media, we are subjected to a constant feed of news. On any given morning, while reviewing my feeds, I can go from laughing one minute to fighting tears the next. Just this weekend, I was outraged at the possible slaughter of Jericho, the brother of Cecil. My heart ached for what would become of Cecil's cubs, and his entire pride for that matter. Then, as I scrolled further down my feed, I read a post from a photographer that captured the first meeting between adoptive parents and their newborn child. I read through the comments of that post and was touched by the birth mothers and adopted children who shared their own experiences.

For someone to tell me that my lack of outrage on social media with regards to abortion, poverty, mental health or other serious issues that plague our world, is like telling me that I am not capable of loving my children equally, or that I am not capable of loving and caring for my pets equally.


My God gave me a huge heart, capable of feeling a plethora of feelings and emotions on any given day. Some issues I hold near, dear and private. Other issues, I feel a call to speak up – it's all a matter of picking my battles and knowing where you can make the biggest difference. Today it may be Cecil, tomorrow it may be sharing random acts of kindness to inspire others to do the same – or I may feel called to expose more sex offenders on – I might even feel called on to fix my cousin lunch and get her out for a change of scenery as she wages her own fight against cancer. Heck, I might be inspired by something new and dart off in a totally different direction for a while.

My point is, whatever MY God lays on my heart, I will follow!

Now, I challenge YOU to imagine a world where every single person were capable of loving ONE person and supporting ONE cause. No more, no less.

Imagine it!

How tragic would THAT kind of world be?

I consider myself incredibly blessed to have a big heart. I have a broad interest, and an unquenchable hunger for knowledge on many different topics and issues. I cannot and will not apologize for my outrage over the illegal and cruel practice of trophy hunting. It's just a very small part of the whole person I am.

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