When Cancer Strikes Close to Home

On April 30, 2015, my cousin, Kim (we've always called her Kimmie), went for a routine mammogram, not thinking much about the “changes” she had noticed recently, since she had been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease ten years ago. The mammogram, sonogram and biopsy revealed 5 tumors. Pathology revealed two were stage 3 and three were stage 2.

Since her diagnosis, she has gone through a series of steps and tests to determine the best course of action.

Today, June 1, Kim is undergoing a PET scan to determine the extent of the cancer to be followed by an echo-cardiogram. On June 3rd, Kim will begin aggressive chemo therapy at 2x per week for 20 weeks. Once the chemo has done it's job, she will then undergo a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

As if a diagnosis of this magnitude weren't enough, Kim was just told today, May 29th, that the company she works for will be closing up shop on June 12.

Kim and her husband do have insurance, but the coverage is far from sufficient to cover all her needs. Insurance will cover 80% of treatment, but no prescriptions and will only cover half the necessary surgeries she will have to undergo.

Kim has always been a hard-working woman – very independent and always one of the first to step up when someone needed help. She is a wonderful mother to her daughter Amanda, her three stepchildren and an adoring grandmother to her two grandbabies. Now Kim needs our help!

A Facebook group has been set up where updates are provided as well as providing a place where you can support her in her journey – Please consider joining me and other friends and family of Kim on Kimmie’s Light 


Please consider donating to this fund to help Kim with the mounting medical bills so she can focus on her treatment and getting well; not on the financial aspects of her treatment. The less she has to worry about, the better she will be. One thing we all know about cancer is it thrives where stress lives and together, we can help alleviate that concern as much as possible.

Please share this with your friends and family. The support is appreciated more than you can know. And to you, a tremendous THANK YOU in advance.

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