Liberal Mayors Pledge to Protect Illegal Immigrants From President Trump

Liberal Mayors Pledge to Protect Illegal Immigrants From President Trump

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promised illegal immigrants living in New York City that they need not fear Donald Trump’s deportation plans. He plans to resist President Trump’s immigration policies at all costs, whatever that means.

Now, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is echoing De Blasio’s declaration. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Emanuel said Chicago will “always be a sanctuary city. To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous and filled with anxiety as we’ve spoken to, you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago.”

At the moment, under the laws that apply to “sanctuary cities” the police don’t have to report illegal immigrants to U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

I have to wonder what in the HELL is wrong with people who don’t think an illegal immigrant arrested for or charged with a felony should not be deported?

The ONLY explanation for this is Liberal strategy and the NEW improved Plantation Politics. Blacks have gotten wise to their tactics of making empty promises and by providing taxpayer funded handouts only to secure the liberal vote in each election. By allowing illegal immigrants to remain, they give birth to a whole new generation of likely liberal voters.

So when these mayors vow to protect illegal immigrants from Donald Trump, what they are saying is “We WILL protect or voter base at all cost, even upstanding American’s like YOU.”

Everyone who knows anything at all about me knows just how big of a part the death of Kate Steinle played in my decision to become and ex-Democrat. These mayors taking such a position on the side of illegal immigrants is like a constant slap in the face of the family Kate left behind.

Someone, anyone, please explain to me just HOW that is right?

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