5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking

When it comes to cooking, there are plenty of newfangled gadgets out there that can make the job easier. Some of them allow you to multitask, some allow you to do things quicker, and some are just plain cool.

Rather than forcing yourself to cook the old fashioned way—you know, with a stove or oven—why not invest in one of these five nifty gadgets to simplify your cooking.

1. The Power Pot

You never know when you’re going to be in need of a stove top when you don’t have power. It happens. The Power Pot is an electric generator that is not only portable, but acts as a cooking pot. Using thermoelectric power generation, The Power Pot can cook all your favorite stove top items (including Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup) without being connected to a power source. Whether you’re suffering through a power outage or camping in the middle of nowhere, this pot is a must-have for you.

2. The Breakfast Toaster & Griddle

The Breakfast Toaster & Griddle may just be the best thing since sliced bread. This combo pack looks like a toaster, allowing you to toast your bread, English muffin or bagel. But that’s not all. Hidden on the side of this fancy toaster is a flip-down griddle. The griddle will heat up to 450 degrees and is even removable for easy cleaning. Now, you can have your eggs, toast and bacon and only dirty up one appliance.

3. Electrolux Laptop

This makes cooking and reading recipes extremely simple. The Electrolux Laptop is a laptop that doubles as a cook top. Instead of an actual keyboard, the bottom half of the laptop is the cook top, and you can place your pots and pans directly onto it in order to heat them up.

But wait. Where’s the keyboard? This laptop is actually a touch screen, so there is no need for a physical keyboard. Seems like a good idea, but we’re seeing a good number of burns occurring in the future.

4. Amco No Fuss Silicone Egg Cracker

Oh the peril of trying to crack an egg. Cracking it isn’t the hard part, it’s cracking it so that we don’t end up with shell that’s the hard part. The Amco No Fuss Silicone Egg Cracker changes that. This nifty gadget allows you to easily crack an egg and get all the gooey inside without dropping eggshell into your mixture or even touching the egg itself, minimizing the risk of bacteria.

5. Edwin Self Stirring Electric Pot

Have you ever burned a recipe because you simply didn’t have enough hands to get the job done? Now, you can put your burning days behind you with the Edwin Self Stirring Electric Pot. This pot contains a spatula located in the bottom that continuously stirs your ingredients. Being located at the bottom, you no longer have to worry about food sticking and  burning to the bottom of the pot. And with different temperature settings, you can use the pot for all types of cooking techniques.

Rather than fuss with your old appliances or try and maintain more than one at a time, why not invest in these handy cooking gadgets? Each one has its own benefits and can easily save you time (and headaches) in the kitchen.

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