As Our World Spins – Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Gone!

While reading over several comments on Facebook, I find myself frustrated at just how divided our country is on absolutely. every. freaking. thing!

Some are angry that President Obama is being “thanked” for his part in bringing down the most wanted man in all the world.

I say… Like it or not, President Obama is our Commander and Chief. He is at the helm of our military. He did in fact, give the orders to those amazing, brave men who propelled from the midnight skies and took down the most hated man I’ve ever known.

Some are complaining that just a few short weeks ago, our Government was looking at a possible shutdown that would have included our military going without pay.

I say… It’s called politics! During the term of President Bush, there were quite a few times that administration ran rough shot over recommendations of our other elected officials to pursue whatever decisions he and Cheney chose.

I saw the threat of shutdown as nothing more than an arm wrestling match taking place on Capital Hill. It wasn’t like we hadn’t seen that sort of thing before and it wasn’t as if it wasn’t effective when it happened.

Some are saying they don’t believe UBL is dead because they haven’t seen pictures – they didn’t see the body and they don’t understand why he was ‘buried at sea.’ At least we saw pictures of Saddam Hussein as a dead man.

I say… A ‘non-American’ that released the Hussein photos and video did so without authorization – that was an amateur and did so with extreme risk. If you think about it – those freaks hate us as it is. America shouldn’t play the game of showing photos to perpetuate rage and anger. Doing so would only fuel retaliation unhinged. That just would not be a good idea.

The reason the bastards body was dumped at sea was

  1. to not give his trolls a place to worship his memory and
  2. because no country wanted his remains buried on their soil. Keeping with Islam tradition – yes, he was ‘buried’ within 24 hours but I believe that was more to keep rage minimized.

I would NEVER want to see those pictures and live feeds from the attack. I would never want that kind of target put on the backs of our individual soldiers. As a whole, our armed forces are amazing, as individuals they are vulnerable.

I believe it’s a very wise move to keep all the photos and feeds suppressed – out of respect and as an act of gratitude for those amazing SEALS who brought down the man who evaded capture for TEN years.

Overall, I believe the Obama administration planned and executed this mission beautifully.

The fact that while Obama was on the campaign trail he made the promise that if Bin Laden was inside Pakistan and IF they could not or would not help us in his capture – he felt it was something we would have to do with or without their support.

That is a promise he made and a promise he kept.

As far as I’m concerned, Obama grew a 24 carat gold coated brass pair and did what he had to do. He did what America has been wanting for ten very long years.

Everyone who wishes to conjure up some sort of lame conspiracy theory needs to chill out and accept this victory for what it is.

Now, if you want to talk about the economy and jobs and diss on Obama some, I’m happy to sit down and have a nice little bitch session with you – but when it comes to Osama Bin Laden, get over it! Give the man credit for what he has accomplished – he deserves that!

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