Bernie Sanders Agenda for His First Day in Office

For the life of me, I cannot believe anyone in their right frame of mind would believe Mr. Sanders could pull off all he is promising.

bernie sanders

To make this as simple as possible, let’s look at car insurance!

You have car insurance for years. Never have an accident, yet you keep paying in for that security. Then BOOM, you have an accident and one of two things happen:

1. Your rates go up, WAY up!


2. They drop you like a hot potato!

Why is that? Because you pay in to their system. You pay in to their profits – but the minute you make a claim and withdraw from their profits, they place that expense back on you or they drop you to ensure they don’t have to pay out again.


All these FREE things Bernie is promising – while taking from the “Top Billionaire’s” will not come out of the billionaire’s pockets – those billionaire’s will pass that expense back on to the consumer. Whether it be by eliminating jobs to cut their expenses or by increasing the cost of the goods and services they manufacture or provide.

You are an absolute fool if you buy the unicorns and rainbows Bernie is selling.

Bernie is a VERY nice man. I would LOVE to sit down over dinner and drinks to talk with him. He is very entertaining – but to have him and his policies and plans in play with him as the president, NO! It would be devastating to our economy.

You want to feel the Bern? If he were to get into office – which really isn’t going to happen – you would feel the Bern like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

Socialism to ANY degree is NOT a good thing! If it were, we would not have people from socialist countries trying desperately to come to the U.S.

Think about it!

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