Black or White–It’s not always about race!

I believe racism is alive and well in America. I also believe it's thriving in EVERY race against another and back. There are other elements that are just as evil, but tend to go unnoticed because so many people would rather focus on race, rather than on character. Those elements are prejudice and discrimination.

To be clear – here is the definition of all three:

  • Racism – a belief that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement
  • Prejudice – an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
  • Discrimination – the treatment of or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit

I live in a very rural area where we generally act in a prejudicial way against those who choose to look or act like rednecks and plain white trash. Much like areas of larger cities where the locals may act prejudicial against those who choose to act or look like thugs and gangsters. There is no doubt, it would not matter if the person was white, black or rainbow striped, if it were dark and someone was hanging around where I live, I would be nervous – I would be hyper-suspicious with my phone in one hand and ball bat in the other.

Zimmerman’s First Mistake

I have to admit – it wasn’t until I saw Zimmerman’s father testify that I realized Zimmerman was not Hispanic. The race of the case never ONCE occurred to me.

Now, George Zimmerman DID act in a prejudicial way, he took discrimination to the extreme and he made a HUGE mistake by disobeying the commands of the dispatch officer – that WAS the fatal first-step in a tragic situation.

Trayvon was the victim of prejudice and discrimination. Instead of fueling a war of racial divide in his name – Do something to honor his memory.

Just Avoid Suspicion Already!

My boys are white! Still, I have taught them that NO ONE has ANY reason to be wondering around the streets after dark. It's dangerous AND it's risky! And if they MUST be out – make an obvious effort to NOT appear threatening to anyone who may be feeding their own suspicions while peeking through a closed blind.

I’ve explained that if people were to see them hanging around town, there are some people who would naturally assume they were up to no good. If any type of criminal incident were to happen – those same people could easily respond by pointing the finger at what/who they saw. It could easily spin out of control. It’s likely those people would describe them as white – not because they are racist – but because THAT’s what they ARE!

Reversed Roles

Now, think, for just a minute here — if a white kid went into a neighborhood that was predominately black and was involved in suspicious activity, and let’s say they were wearing a flannel, a Mossy Oak hat, driving a raised 4×4 that had a Dixie decal of some sort – then someone decided to call the police because they would assume that kid was up to no good. How would they describe the kid? They would say he's WHITE. Naturally, that detail alone would make him easier to spot – simply because he would stand out among the locals.

Absolutely there are people who are racist. BUT, to me – the fact that Zimmerman described the kid as being black does not make that case one that's about race. Had he used the N word – then yes, I would agree 110% it was about race. I wasn’t there – so I don’t know – so I’m not going to assume either way and since the “obvious” racial slurs were NOT used, no one should assume it was racially motivated. To assume it was prejudicial or discriminating, yes, that’s an easy conclusion to draw.

What We See and Hear

It does not matter WHO you are. It does not matter what color your skin is or where you live. When you are asked to describe anyone – you will automatically state a race description first. IF the person spoke with an accent, that might be the first description, but that doesn’t mean you are profiling based on nationality – it’s just an obvious part of who that person is!

We are programmed to identify by race – whether it's on a job application, school admission form, medical history form, on our driver's license or when reporting a crime. We live in a colorful world that is filled with many languages and dialects. It’s who we are. It’s how we are seen and heard. Period! One could argue that people should be described as African-American, but Really?!?! Is it really that big of a deal to be described as black? I know people describe me as white, but should I be offended if I am not called Caucasian?

It's time to stop being whiny little bitches when it comes to the obvious identifying factors of people. How your drivers license describes you is probably how I would describe you. It's when we get into using racial slurs that people SHOULD be offended.

ALL people, black-white, African-American-Caucasian-Whatever – should focus more on education and character than on color! In the end, it’s character that matters most!

White Kids Like Black Stars Too!

And while I'm on the subject here – there are plenty of white people who listen to hip-hop and rap music. When Lil' Wayne uses the N word in his "cool music" you can bet his fans are going to use his "cool lyrics" when interacting with people or out in public.

In order to put a big dent in racism, people need to draw the line on the use of racial slurs, period! If blacks don't want white people calling them the N word, then start by shamming the blacks that do it too. 

To encourage change in the world, we HAVE to BE the change we wish to see, FIRST!

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  1. Tasha Fuller says:

    First of all America is the most racist country ever! Its built on slavery. People look down at blacks for any and every reason. We ( blacks) did not ask to be in this country! We are kidnap victims who were forced to come here and be slaves. Whites took our country. No one wants to hear that or talk about it. Whites always sayin "That was back then) But what went on "back then" has to do with what's going on today. Blacks are still treated wrong and unfair. You don't want to accept that. And whites say that they are unaware of it. Maybe so cause its not happening to them. And zimmerman had no right to kill Trayvon. Youre a typical white person. You whites think everyone has to think and act like you. Is this a free country or not? How can you teach your boys that "no one should be out at night". People have the right to go out at night if they choose. There is no crefew on being out at night. If I choose to walk my dog at 1am, then that's just my choice. I may have insomnia. Its not your place to say " I'm not suspose to be out at night". White people always trying to tell people what to do and how they should live. No one wants to live like a boring corny white person! I love the night life! But see people like you who have slave master mentality think you can tell people how to live their lives and if its not like your life, then they are wrong. Who do you think you are? You have no right to tell anyone how they are susposed to live their life. Zimmerman was dead wrong and racist. He saw a black boy and got suspicious and appproached him and killed him for no reason. Travon had the right to be out at night, wear a hoodie on his head, and to go to the store and make a purchase. He did not have to answer to Zimmerman. Who the hell is zimmerman? Hes not Travons superior. But see, That's how whites and others think: That they are superior to blacks and we have to answer to them. I hate america. And the racist whites and others in it. Whites should have left us blacks where we were at: in Africa. But noooo…. the dirty lazy thieves kidnapped us and stole our country and have the nerve to be mad at us and treat us unfair as if we are inferior to them. Wow I hate white people! Evil bastards! You all don't even believe in God! How could you when you condone slavery? You suck as a mother and a person. And as for lil waynes music… he can say nigger all he wants to. Whites made up the words and now have the nerve to be offended by it. wow

  2. Shirley Victor says:

    Dang Tasha

  3. Gayla says:

    Of course everyone has a right to wear what they want, go where they want, whenever they want – but I think it’s important to teach our kids to do so in a way that is respectful to the situation or environment they are in. We learn to dress for success in job interviews – we learn how to speak, act and dress in church or going to grandma’s house – why is it so difficult to teach the concept of dress for respect period?

    as for your comments about a slave owner mentality – it is that type of pathetic thinking that keeps so many people oppressed. if you research history – it’s was the black ancestors who sold their own people into slavery. It does not matter what color skin you have – we all had ancestors who were terribly wrong. My ancestors died freeing yours but I don’t think blacks owe me a thing – above a mutual respect that is.

    I have seen many stores hanging signs for everyone who enters to remove their sunglasses and hoods because a couple have been robbed a few times by meth head white guys but I have heard a few blacks trying to own the intent. It is that mentality that will keep a racial divide in a reversed racist way.

    I think there are just as many small minds on BOTH sides of the race card. Your comment proves it.

    I have never been accused of being racist unless it came from someone who was racist toward my me.

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