Proof of How Stupid I Can Be

When certain people show up on your friend suggestions and it makes you gag, cringe and then throw up a little. Seriously! It doesn’t happen to me often because I’ve done a good job at blocking the three people who can turn the best of days to the worst of days with the mere sight of their ugly mug! Unfortunately, I have this ex who likes to create new profiles. God only knows why! But […] Read the Full Article »

I Wish I Weren’t So Serious and Boring

From the time I was born, life has been a series of events that were very serious in nature. When I reflect back on my entire life, it’s hard for me to recall the times that I was able to be anything but serious. As much as I try to have a sense of humor, it’s not something that comes easy for me. Especially when it comes to my kids. When I was a child, […] Read the Full Article »

The Real Journey to Finding My Religion

From my earliest memories, I remember getting dressed up on Sunday morning and attending church with my parents and grandparents. To this day, the smell of Wrigley’s Double mint Gum and the red-white peppermints take me back to the wooden pews, digging through my grandma’s purse to see what treats she had buried under her wallet and pack of tissue. I remember the soothing sounds of the congregation singing old hymns like The Old Rugged […] Read the Full Article »

The First Time I Experienced Death and a Funeral

I’m not sure how many people remember their great grandparents, but assume the numbers are quite small, especially for my generation and those before, when teen pregnancy was far more rare than it is today. The last of my great grandparents, passed away when I was of pre-school age. I have a few vivid memories of visiting my great-grandmother, Rosa Huckeby’s house (that’s grandma and my great-grandpa Blaine in the photo). I remember her being […] Read the Full Article »

The Day My Voice Was Stolen & I Never Sang Again

Back when all my mom’s side of the family would still get together for the holidays; a younger cousin was always the center of attention. She was cute, bossy and if she wasn’t the center of attention, she’d hold her breath until she turned blue until she got the attention she felt she deserved. Seriously! I even remember hearing members of my family talk about her passing out from holding her breath once. It obviously […] Read the Full Article »