Contractor lawsuit against Trump D.C. hotel for unpaid bills does not add up


I don't remember the last time I read anything on DailyKos. I actually feel like I need to scrub my eyeballs after clicking through to an article that was shared by one of my “extreme liberal” friends (his words). That’s the thing about former Democrats, much like a former smoker who can’t stand being around smoke, I have a difficult time with exposure to liberal ideology and politics. Once I began to see it for what it really was, I can’t stop seeing it.

When evaluating the sorry attempt at a smear, here's what I believe MAY be fact extracted from the DailyKos article, Contractor sues for $2 million in unpaid bills on Trump's D.C. hotel. I will do some digging through my treasure trove of legit (NOT NEWS) sources and share if I find anything different, one way or the other because in the end, I am committed to delivering the truth. In my opinion, this article should be titled *Mr. Obvious Goes to D.C.* — Base estimate/contract was for $13 million, but the job finished at $17 million? Contractor, Freestate is suing for the last $2 million? Can you see the obvious use of liberal math skills here?

$4 million is a MASSIVE difference!! There's NO way anyone, especially a successful business person who could PROVE a job cost $17 million would settle to take $2 million less. Sorry, I don't buy it!

NOTE! In most states, anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone for any reason at any time. That does not mean it will ever go to court. That does not mean there is an ounce of proof to support whatever allegations are used as a basis for the lawsuit, and it sure as heck does not mean the person being sued is guilty.

Obviously, this is a very nice way for Freestate to generate a considerable amount of free publicity and build their liberal clientele though! Ironically, their effort to appeal to the liberal base will likely backfire because we ALL KNOW how much those darned snowflakes LOVE to pay their own bills!

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