Faded Glory – A 9-11 Poem

As I watched the events unfold, and as I waited by the phone to hear from friends in the areas under attack, my heart was so heavy. I had not written a poem in years and I haven’t written one since. This one poured from my heart on September 12, 2001.

old american flag - faded glory

In this, a time of tragedy
And facing obvious war,
It's time to look around and see,
what others perished for. 

One Nation stands together,
tall against the beast.
Although our hearts are heavy,
we need to stand for peace. 

Look upon our majestic flag,
and all the glory that she adorns.
The tattered stripes and faded stars,
and all that she stands for. 

Give unto the perished souls,
a meaning for their life.
Let our nation rise above,
and withstand this test of time. 

As our history is created,
do not forget our past.
Remember those who have given life,
defending freedom at its best. 

These soldiers may not have worn,
the colors of the guard.
But as these soldiers fell,
they fell into an angel's arms. 

Let not fear and pain enter
where freedom and choice reigns.
Stand tall and proud for those who died.
Give true purpose to their name.

Look to the heavens on bended knee,
and pray for peace of mind.
To those who lost their loved ones, 
for those they left behind.

Pray for our countries guard and arms,
as into battle they will go.
Pray for angels to wrap their wings around them,
and pray for the victory, that brings them home.

God, Please Bless America Again!

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