Flowers – Their Colors & Their Meanings

Flowers have a language of their own, a bright particular language, that is fun to explore.

Almost all women enjoy receiving flowers. They like to receive for any reason or for no reason at all.

If you have a girlfriend and you care about her you should show your feelings, surprise her a little. There is a large variety of amazing, colorful flowers to choose from.

What’s even more fun is different kinds of flowers have a particular message all their own. Make it easy on yourself and let your girl know how you feel by using the chart below.

So which flower represents you in your relationship?

ROSES are most use because have a lot of senses. Every color means something else:

  • red – implies passionate, romantic love
  • white – expresses innocence, purity, secrecy, virtue and chastity
  • yellow – friendship or devotion, a dying love, platonic love, and also means jealousy and infidelity
  • blue – mystery, attaining the impossible
  • orange – desire, passion
  • burgundy – beauty
  • pink – a lesser affection, grace
  • light pink – admiration, sympathy
  • dark pink – gratitude
  • red and yellow – joy, happiness, excitement
  • red and white – unity


  • imperial one -express majesty
  • day lily – means coquetry
  • white – youthful innocence, purity
  • yellow – gaiety, falsehood
  • water lily – purity of heart


  • pink – I’m longing for you
  • red – you’re a flame inside my heart
  • white – you’re adorable


  • red – declaration of love, expression of trust
  • variegated – complimentary, beautiful eyes
  • yellow – there’s sunshine in your smile


Named after the Messenger of the Gods in Greek Mythology represents a message being sent, faith, hope, wisdom and valor, compliments


Beautiful and refined flowers that mean – love, beauty, compliments like beautiful lady


  • purple – express the first emotion of love
  • white – youthful innocence, purity

JASMINES express amiability:

  • yellow – grace and elegance
  • Spanish – sensuality

LOTUS means eloquence: lotus flower – estranged love


  • blue – faithfulness, watchfulness

SUNFLOWERS – signifies respect

MAGNOLIA – express love of nature, nobility – perseverance

NARCISSUS – compliments of sweetness

AMBROSIA – tells her love is reciprocated

DAISY – implies purity, innocence, loyal love

IVY – expression of fidelity

PANSY – thoughtfulness

Using flowers is an easy and thoughtful way to express your feelings.

Make it easy on yourself this Valentine’s Day – Order your flowers online and ahead of time!

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  1. Interesting, didn’t know about the greek mythology behind the Iris.

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