Henry County Indiana – Who I Voted for and Why

who i am voting for in indiana henry county

I’ve had several local people ask about various candidates that appear on our local ballots and to find out what research I have done and who ultimately won my vote.

Here is a quick look at who I voted for and a brief explanation of why… please keep in mind, when it comes to my choices, experience does not always equal ability and I am a firm believer in term limits whether it becomes law or whether it’s through voting power.

I am very proud of my ballot as I feel I researched everyone to the best of my ability with all the resources I had available to me.

US PRESIDENT: Donald J. Trump (Republican)
The list is long and reviewing the many posts I have written about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will show you the complete history, but ultimately, Donald Trump won my vote because I cannot vote for someone who is surrounded by so much corruption and who has built their entire campaign segregating people into groups based on race, gender, religion, and sexual preference only to proclaim it an effort toward equality.

US SENATOR FROM INDIANA: Lucy Marcelle Brenton (Libertarian)
There was a time that I was one of the biggest fans and supporters of Evan Bayh. Going into this election season, I really thought I would cast my vote for him. Because I believe in doing extensive research on every candidate, I wanted to see what Bayh had been up to since he left politics. Learning that he has essentially taken a page right out of the Clinton Foundation Financial Gain Playbook, was so disappointing. I went on to research Lucy. I reached out to Lucy through email and while I didn’t expect a reply, she did and it wasn’t just a paragraph or two, it was a lengthy response that I could tell she had put her heart into. A review of her website. Lucy has taken the time to go into great detail how she feels about each of these issues. I was also able to see her speak recently and she seems very solid in her positions and not “scripted” with typical talking points like so many candidates these days.

GOVERNOR & LT. GOVERNOR: Eric Holcomb (Republican)
I chose Eric because John Gregg is too aligned with Hillary Clinton and the Plantation Politics strategy she uses. What I have seen from him is too similar to the Clinton campaign. Whether you like Mike Pence or not, the only gaff I have seen during his term has been RFRA which is no longer an issue. He has been good for jobs and Indiana fares FAR better when it comes to the increases many other states are going to see due to Obamacare. Holcomb is the one who can best protect us from similar healthcare disasters.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Curtis T. Hill Jr. (Republican)
I have to be very honest and transparent here – I chose Curtis Hill because he is a black Republican who has served in Elkhart, Indiana and Lake County. My gut instinct tells me he has the absolute BEST experience and personal knowledge to do what needs to be done.

Quite simply, I voted for Jennifer because she is NOT Glenda Ritz. #DrainTheSwamp

In reviewing Rich’s positions on various issues, I found him to be very patriotic. He looks to focus on our veterans, supports the appeal of Obamacare, supports an effort to curb wasteful spending, supports gun rights and supports term limits on both senate and congress. #DrainTheSwamp

STATE SENATOR, DISTRICT 42: Randy Howard (Democrat)
First and foremost, he is NOT Jean Leising. She has been in office long enough to be too connected for my comfort and when reviewing her voting record and funding sources, I saw several things I didn’t like. When a politician is in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies, that can never yield good results for the people. I think it’s time to get new blood in this position. While Howard is running on the Democrat ticket, he does hold a more “Conservative-Democrat” position when it comes to core values. #DrainTheSwamp

STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT 054: Zachary Lee (Libertarian)
He’s not Tom Saunders. Saunders has been in office FAR too long. I’ve still never recovered an ounce of respect for him when his son was involved in a driving incident that killed a man in New Castle. I saw corruption back then and I can’t trust him now. #DrainTheSwamp

HENRY COUNTY CORONER: Landon Dean (Democratic)
This one is a more personal vote. My kids are friends with his daughter who happens to be a wonderful young lady. As well, he was there to answer questions for my son and me when we had a real concern. He’s a good person who raised a great kid. You can tell a lot about a person by the children they raise. He has ran before and lost – he is back – that level of dedication deserves reward.

In recent months, the growing concern over wind farms in Henry County have been on my radar. I am not a supporter of wind farms and considering that Kim Cronk has vested interest in implementing their use in Henry County, I can not in good conscience vote for anyone who supports them or looks to profit in such a big way from them. David is very vocal in his position against wind turbines and has done a great job of sharing valuable information and resource where people can do their own research. I appreciate the effort he has made and think it’s time we get fresh, new blood in some of the positions that have been filled by the same people for so many years. Here is another opportunity to #DrainTheSwamp

When it comes to wind farms, Ed Yanos has been a little too wishy-washy for me. I’ve not found a direct statement whether he is for or against. Since I couldn’t find any information on his position, I moved on to the next issues I consider important when considering my candidates. How long has he been in office? Commissioner? How do I like my roads? My result was, he is the incumbent and our roads suck. Susan has been very direct in her position on wind farms and I am of the belief that NO ONE does a better job than someone NEW with something to prove. Experience does not always equal ability. #DrainTheSwamp

HENRY COUNTY COUNCIL, AT LARGE: Clay Morgan (Republican)
With this one, I went in knowing I wanted to see CHANGE. The one name I was not already familiar with was Clay Morgan. A quick search for him on Facebook was all the further I got before deciding this was my guy. I could see I had several friends in common and it was a solid mix of friends – Democrat, Republican… I liked that he was from a small town, he was lifelong Henry County and that he was a local business owner. I think he has a good mix of qualities and experiences that will enable him to do the best job. And, this is my final vote to #DrainTheSwamp

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