How strong is your network?

Is your blog as good as it can be?

Since I became unemployed in April, I have taken a lot of time to educate myself more on blog improvement, optimization and even automation. I have visited SO many blogs that could use a little coaching and have learned just how valuable our networks really are to the success of our blogs.

I have always been one who likes to help others achieve their own success. When I worked for b5media several years ago, I worked with more than 80 bloggers. That was the happiest I have EVER been. I realized I don't need a company to provide me the platform to help my network – I HAVE a Network! And, the best way for me to help, is through a Tribe. I want to teach you what I know and learn what you know.

I named the Tribe “Not Before Coffee” because it will support any and all blog topics (family friendly of course) you can join here.

NOTE: You will have to join Triberr (free) – Follow the link I've provided above and then you will be upgraded to a full member. If the link doesn't seem to work – try refreshing your page – that usually does the trick.

What this Tribe will offer is:

– Learn to service, maintain and optimize your blog

– Learn how to use FREE services to make your blogging job much easier through AUTOMATING various processes. I have discovered a method to even automate my affiliate linking practices.

– Discussions on various topics to help improve your blog.

– Be introduced to money making opportunities and quality product review offers.

– Host and participate in blog carnivals and blog hops of which I will personally generate a round-up post for everyone to share as a way to help gain exposure to our blogs.

– Expand your social media reach by sharing and connecting with members
– You can share your blog post links so that members can share, like, tweet and pin them.

– You can ask questions, receive feedback, start conversations or just interact with members over your morning coffee to become motivated or inspired by other members.


You are welcome, and encouraged to share this Tribe link with your blogger friends. The stronger our Tribe, the stronger our network becomes – because no one is as good as ALL of us!

Tribe Link:

Upon joining, say hello and share your blog name, blog URL and social media accounts you'd like to network with.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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