I am Not the Democrat I Used to Be

not my grandpas democrats I love to look back through my Facebook memories and old blog posts to see the LIES I used to believe, support and fiercely defend. Then, take those topics and uncover the TRUTH which I then share in updated blog posts. I have one friend (probably former according to her), God love her, who is so far in the dark that she wore one of those silly vagina hats and marched for women’s rights because Trump was going to take them away. She really believes Hillary lost because she is a woman – not because she was such a corrupt and poor candidate who ran a pathetic campaign, but because she is a woman. I rolled my eyes so hard I thought I sprained my face. I RARELY get involved in discussions that take place on someone else’s Facebook page. I would never go into their home and argue with them, I see Facebook as their digital home and respect their space. But, I do like observe from a distance. These types of discussions serve as a constant reminder to me to never, ever go back. 

The image I chose is supposed to be funny, but as you read through each line you begin to see just how painfully true it is. Unless the label applies to the groups that feed their narrative they are anti-everything else. How is that a message of equality? True equality doesn’t segregate. True equality does not label. How can a party that claims to be unifying be so anti-American People?

It is difficult for me, as a mere toddler in my political evolution, to watch people I care about being held captive to liberal lies. It’s like we were all floating in the middle of the ocean when a boat showed up and threw a life preserver. I grab the preserver and climb into the boat. Once in the boat, I tossed the preserver out to my friends, I told them how to grab hold properly to give them the best chance of survival, they refused and continue to refuse because they are waiting on a bigger, shinier boat to show up. Someone they trusted promised them a bigger, shinier boat, yet, as far as the eye can see, there is no other boat. In the meantime, they try to stay afloat. Once in a while, someone shows up with just enough water and food to keep them going and keeps promising a big, shiny boat. They are stuck on that promise, will likely die of old age waiting on the fulfillment of that promise and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it other than wait for them to get tired of simply floating, surviving and realize taking action now to improve their situation is worth more than a promise that may never come.

It’s frustrating for me to see reality and not be able to convince them the bigger, shinier boat is not coming! It’s NEVER, EVER coming!

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  1. Some of the die-hards are so entrenched, I don’t know if people like us can ever dig them out, but we can keep trying!
    Blessings, Gayla!

  2. Michael says:

    I was thinking about his the other day. It’s not the politics that are so sorry, it’s the lack of much of anything else to absorb peoples interest.

    I remember as a kid, people would argue seriously over sports teams, boxers, etc. They would argue who was the best commander in WWII, and which part of the war mattered nost. Then there was the cold war if we had nothing else to gather around and agree on.

    Now, so many elections elections later, most of the above have lost their luster. About all we can agree to disagree on is politics, and to a lesser extent religion. For the most part we inherit both, and spend our lives blindly following and never challenging or educating.

    It’s either a cold day, or a warm day when we wake up one day and realize our political views are no longer working for us. I had republican friends who were rabid in their day, pushing whatever flavor the mouthpiece of the day was ranting on about.

    Now, some have woken from their nightmare. They are not sure what they think, because they never thought about politics before, and feel like naked children. Not that my democrat friend have fared any better.

    As you write out one of your points, there is no reason to be blindly politically ignorant any longer. Anyone who can tune in their favorite radio mouthpiece or get online to political hate site, has an obligation to educate themselves on politics at least.

    Thank you. Great post!

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