It is a sad day to be a Hoosier

Today I am exceptionally sad and angry to be a Hoosier because Indiana House OKs controversial religious freedom bill.

Controversial religious freedom legislation that could protect business owners who don’t want to provide services for same-sex couples is poised to become law in Indiana.

The Republican-controlled Indiana House approved the measure this afternoon on a 63-31 vote, largely along party lines. Five Republicans joined 26 Democrats in opposing the bill.

The vote likely clears a path for the hot-button legislation to become law. The Senate already approved a slightly different version of the bill last month and Senate author Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, said he plans to concur with the House version, possibly later this week.

The bill will then go to Gov. Mike Pence, who said Monday he plans to sign the legislation.

Do I think businesses have the right to refuse service? Sure! Within reason. But for this bill to be built on refusing business to gays only? I think that is incredibly foolish.

A person or business owner should have the right to run their business however they see fit. They either want to serve people, or they do not. Plain and simple.

What sort of doors will this open?

The “excuse” of religious difference can be used on MANY levels and frankly, if a person is a hard worker, a taxpayer and has money to conduct business with you – what business is it of yours what they do in the privacy of their own lives and bedrooms? So long as it is between them and another consenting adult.

Indiana has MUCH bigger issues they should be attending to. Like how is it that a child molester can play the judicial system – remain free on bond for YEARS and work in an industry that would allow them to go into the homes of customers, every day – without the person knowing, so they may refuse to conduct business with a predator?

And that’s just ONE example.

I have lots more to say on this subject, but that is for another blog post entirely.

More to come!

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