It IS Called Radical Islam – Call It What It IS Already!

Radical Islam detests LGBT more than any other, besides Christians of course. There has been a horrendous attack against the LGBT at the hands of a man with Islam ties and who was ON the FBI watch list. This is the LARGEST attack since 911. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. History. 50 dead, 53 injured and Orlando declared state of emergency by governor.

isis kill list This man is domestic (parents from Afghanistan) but with the recent ISIS kill list and the recent surge of refugees flooding into this country how can we not think more of this isn’t coming?

There has GOT to be a temporary ban on Muslims entering this country (meaning NO Non-US citizens entering this country from Islam countries) until our government figures out HOW to vet them better and until they figure out HOW to actually make watch lists work. That is NOT racist, that is smart and proactive!

This country NEEDS a president with the massive brass gonads it takes to make America safe even if that means pissing a few world leaders and countries for that matter. Hugging the world and kissing a$$ is not working!

Now, It would seem this is a real tough spot for Obama and Hillary. Islam against LGBT. Which side will they stand on? I’ve been saying FOR months, since my own political awakening, that they are doing their best to segregate people into smaller groups based on religion, race, gender and sexual preference because they are easier to control and manipulate. This places them in quite a precarious position. I hope every single voter is paying attention – and if you’re not registered to vote, get registered!

Comment before Presidential Statement: I predict they will blame guns – when clearly, the blame should be placed squarely on radical Islam (which they won’t say) – seriously, listen for it. Pay very close attention, their loyalties, sympathies and motives are about to be tested.  The guy was on the FBI watch list, which obviously did NO good.

Comment after Presidential Statement:  Presidential statement mentioned guns, “act of terror” and hatred. Said the FBI is investigating it as an act of terror.

Failed to mention as his own acknowledgement:
Radical Islam

President Obama did a fine job of listing the segregated groups they like to stitch up tightly: race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Stating that an attack on any of those is an attack on all of us. (See how he segregated but then pulled it together under “equality?”)

Obama said the shooting was further reminder of how easy it is to get your hands on a gun that lets you shoot people in a place of worship, a school, a movie theatre and a night club. Thing is, when attacks like this happen, they go after those of us who carry legally and don’t kill. Criminals will ALWAYS get their guns – legal or not!

Guns don’t kill, people do. They need to fix the people problem!

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