Jill Stein the Big Winner of Day One Wisconsin Recount

First day Wisconsin recount totals in ACTUAL VOTES: Donald Trump -2. Hillary Clinton -1 vote. Jill Stein +17 and Gary Johnson +12

wisconsin voter recount

According to The Journal Times and Reid Magney, a spokesman for the state Elections Commission, the first results in Thursday evening were from Menominee County. Trump lost two votes compared to the initial count and Democrat Hillary Clinton lost one. Stein gained 17 votes and Libertarian Gary Johnson picked up 12 — a discrepancy the state Elections Commission reported was due to “human error” in which their vote totals from certain wards were omitted from the initial tally.

In many cases, vote totals change slightly because some voters just don't know how to vote! Some voters may have circled a candidate’s name instead of filling in the oval next to their name that is necessary for the optical scan machines to correctly read and tabulate ballots. If the oval is not circled, the machines, in all probability will record those votes on the initial count. In a manual recount, an actual person can easily determine if the voter’s intent was clear, and the vote will be counted in the recount.

So I guess that means Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are hoping there are a bunch of idiots in Wisconsin who don't know how to follow rules and don't know how to vote. That's comforting!

State Elections Commission chairman Mark Thomsen, a Democrat, has said he expects the recount to uphold Trump’s win.

I'm not sure how anyone can argue in defense of this recount that carries a price tag of $3.5 million. As this article on Forbes points out,  Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton could have saved the lives of at least 5,000 children had they invested in malaria prevention efforts rather than recounting presidential votes.

At this rate the results wouldn't even begin to put a dent in the Donald Trump win of 22,000 votes. But hey, it's easy to spend $20,588 per vote when it's not your money. Right Jill?

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