Jon & Kate Plus Eight – Aunt Jodi Gone & She Blogged It!

I must admit, I do enjoy watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight – each season, there’s been a few changes but none quite as shaking as when Aunt Jodi was axed from the show.

When I learned that Aunt Jodi would not be back and she’s decided to open up in a tell all blog at Truth Breeds Hatred – I shared the news on a former blog I wrote that might be coming to an untimely end – so I’ve decided to continue that conversation here.

According to one blog post, the real reason that Jodi has been cut from the show is the recurring theme orchestrated by Kate, that being control.  You have to admit, Kate does seem to be very controlled, organized and delegating in any given episode.

Here’s what Aunt Jodi has to say about her not returning…

Have you watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight?

I love that show!!  I do have to admit though there have been several episodes that left me scratching my head wondering what exactly Kate is doing during the day while Jon is at work. But as the mother of one set of multiples, I know she can’t possibly be sitting on her butt all day – but dawg, she needs to lay off poor Jon’s ass.

I’ve seen Kate have people come in to clean, do laundry and help out – but she never seems to look as tired as her husband.

For friendly discussion sake – If you’ve seen the show, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you’ve personally observed.

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