Do Not Back Down Michael Douglas!

Watching Inside Edition and I’m appalled at how Michael Douglas has come under fire for discussing his throat cancer and what people SHOULD know about HPV. It is this type of backlash that perpetuates the spread of STD’s as it is. Have you looked at the statistics of HPV? At any given time, YOU are surrounded by people who likely have it. In fact, I guarantee, if you are reading this post – you know someone who has an STD. HPV and HSV aka cold sores aka herpes are VERY common.

People can have HPV – (the cervical cancer causing kind of HPV) for a long time and not know it. JUST because Michael Douglas stated his throat cancer was caused by HPV and made a comment that lets people know that oral sex is NOT SAFE SEX – does not, I repeat DOES NOT mean he got it from his wife or his ex wife. If those ladies are pissed at him – screw them!

What Michael Douglas did made him a HERO in my eyes!

How Zeta-Jones and the former Mrs. Michael Douglas are “allegedly” acting makes them “alleged” pieces of shit as far as I’m concerned.

If it’s true – SHAME on them! It’s those people who react so negatively that keep STD’s thriving – it makes people who have them NOT want to talk about their status and to play roulette with their sex life.

Just because a person has an STD does not make them trash, smut, slutty or anything other than HUMAN. The only thing they are guilty of is having sex.

Reactions like those who are attacking Douglas makes me SO angry. While I don’t go around wearing my status on my forehead – I am deeply offended by people who are so quick to cast judgment.

Years ago, an STD came home to me! Oh, I don’t wear my status on my sleeve, but I sure as heck don’t hide it. Sure, it is an annoying inconvenience once in a while, but MY God had a way of making that inconvenience a blessing beyond my wildest imagination. That link will show you all the experience I have as an STD Patient Advocate – and honestly, I am very proud of that experience and honored to have been a tool that was used to reach out and educate and have my heart touched by so many people. And I am VERY proud of Michael Douglas.

Don’t go back on your comments Michael – you’ve done a great job of getting people talking – don’t send people back, or even further into hiding. Please?!?!?!?

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