Open Letter to Senator Dan Coats & Senator Dick Lugar – Stop SOPA, Support Small Business

Dear Senator Lugar and Senator Coats:

I have been an Internet professional since 1999. Since that time, my life has been positively affected by the Internet. I have raised my twin boys, as a single parent since 1997 with no help from their father. The Internet made it possible for me to work from home while being a 24/7 hands-on mother to my kids. Not once did I have to rely on my fellow taxpayers to provide for my kids! Thanks to the Internet.

I was disappointed when Indiana adopted the “Amazon Tax” which I believe is our Government cutting off their nose to spite their face. Self employed Internet Marketers pay a much higher tax on their income than the 7% sales tax that will be collected. Now I have a personal stake in the passage of the SOPA bill and I refuse to set by quietly without making my voice heard. This bill poses a direct threat to the growing number of entrepreneurs, and people who’ve found ways to earn money online to help provide for their families; a pivotal option at a time when the jobless rates are consistently high.

Passing these types of laws only hurt our economy by destroying income options for individuals and small businesses that have sprung forth in the wake of economical downturn.

This new piece of legislation by powerful industry groups like the RIAA and the MPAA aim to stifle free exchange and flow of ideas that has allowed many people — myself included — to change the course of their lives. It is essentially unenforceable and dibilitates the spirit of collaboration that allowed creative and driven individuals to make the Internet the thriving, global, decentralized entity that it is today.

Media has discussed how large corporations are using their money to shape policy and legislation to their benefit. Their interest is greedy and selfish. This will stifle a growing business and economically fruitful trend among American’s.

Indiana politicians, you included, often talk about bringing jobs to Indiana – supporting small business – encouraging entrepreneurship. As you well know, Indianapolis is a growing hub for technology and innovation. Hoosier residents have developed technology that has helped mold the Internet into the super resource it is today. SOPA would literally kill the ability for thousands of small companies and individuals to express themselves freely and make their living on the web — all so greedy corporations could keep more money in their own pockets.

It’s common knowledge that lawmakers and leaders of our country receive sizeable amounts of funding from lobbying groups promoting bills such as this. People like me — and there are many (and growing) in the state of Indiana — will be watching closely to see how our local government votes on this issue.

If you truly support the best interest of American individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs then you’ll vote against this type of censorship.


Gayla Baer-Taylor – @Gayla

Note to Fellow Internet Professionals:

Let your voice be heard –

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