President Trump MUST Withhold Funding from Sanctuary Cities – It Is Required!

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The short version: Sanctuary cities ARE breaking the law and should not receive federal grant money whether that puppet judge in California likes it or not! Here’s the deal…Federal funding is supposed to be withheld from any recipient who does not comply with United States Code, 8 Section 1373 that addresses the exchange of information regarding citizenship and immigration among federal, state and local government. Subsection (a) prevents federal, state and local government from “prohibiting” or in any way “restricting” government officials from sending to, receiving from, federal immigration officers any information concerning an individual’s citizenship or immigration status.

The full version with links to supporting evidence: President Trump ran on a platform of cracking down on illegal immigration and in his first week in office, issued an executive order aimed at staring that promise. Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned the recipients of federal law enforcement grants were required to comply with a 1996 law that bars local authorities from forcing officials to withhold information from federal immigration authorities about immigration status. Read more about Section 1373, and the order from Obama administration to come under compliance from the Office of Inspector General here. The real meat of the whole document is on page 3 and begins again on page 10 though I would encourage you to read the entire document – it’s quite interesting, especially since team #Resist doesn’t have a leg to stand on and are obviously breaking the law.

The recipients of the letters were warned that as a condition of receiving 2016 grants, they must certify by June 30, 2017 that they are in compliance with the law. The warning enforced a deadline on a policy that was put in place under Barack Obama which announced that policy in July 2016 but gave grace periods to cities who were not in compliance at that time to allow them time to adjust.

After Mr. Sessions warning, a handful of municipal leaders vowed to resist. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York said he would fight any attempt to strip funding from his city.

Democrats in California have waged opposition to the Trump administration, Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles claims it was basing law enforcement policies “on principles of white supremacy, not American values.”

Here’s the thing – everyone is up in arms over President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions issuing a warning against sanctuary cities who do not come under compliance threatening to strip federal funding – what people don’t realize is this warning was issued in July 2016 by Barack Obama.

Either Barry knew what he was doing at the time and issued the “warning and conditions” knowing the left could and would use it as a means to attack the Trump administration or he straight up realized those cities were disobeying laws that had been on the books since 1996 and made an effort to do something about it.

Since Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal and Obama has chosen to avoid her name like the plague, I have to lean toward the thought that he was laying the groundwork for his liberal buddies to use the policy to further support their efforts to resist.

Here is the April 21, 2017 Department of Justice letter to nine jurisdictions requiring proof of compliance that is simply a follow-up and reminder of the letter that Barry sent a year ago.

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