Richard Sherman – Proof That a Stanford Degree Does Not Make You Smart

Richard Sherman may have gone to Stanford. Sherman may have a college degree – but as we all know – a college degree, does not a wise man make.

Richard Sherman’s actions were pathetic. The “idea” that it was to gain media attention and that he is a marketing genius came as an afterthought. There is no way he could have planned to act like that, going into the game.

His actions were nothing above childish and a typical bully-wannabe. Guys like this are NOT what I want to capture the attention of young boys. Sherman is NOT someone to look up to. He has a long history of running his mouth, taunting other players and tearing other people down as a means to build himself up.

Sherman is a typical narcissistic dickhead.

Those who think his reactions are “passion for the sport” related are sorely mistaken. This is a guy that comes from a generation where everyone gets a trophy.

Bobby Knight would have cut him off at the knees a long time ago!

When it comes to sports figures with college degrees – the person has to SHOW me they were intelligent enough to EARN it because too many universities hand over the degree in exchange for sports placement and performance. The proof is in the puddin’ as they say and right now, Mr. Sherman claiming to have a degree in communications is at best, laughable.

Going into the game, I was happy for the Seahawks and the 49’rs. Derrick Coleman is a man of value and so inspirational. Colin Kaepernick is also a man of value and has a story that leaves you feeling inspired. If you’re not familiar with the story of these two young men, read up on them – they are both AMAZING!

The sad truth is, I WAS happy for the Seahawks, but that was very short lived. Once I saw that interview with Sherman, I was over it! As great as Coleman is, Sherman is rotten enough to spoil it for everyone else – at least for me.

Bad behavior should not be rewarded and to me, the support of the fans is the greatest reward a sports figure or team can have – and thanks to Richard Sherman, I know where my loyalty and support will go.

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  1. Elly says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I am glad I found your website!

    • Gayla says:

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad he came back later and apologized. His parents sound like good, hardworking people who probably gave him a good talkin’ to.

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