Ten Must Have Tools for Outdoor Fall Chores

autumn diy cleaning tips If you love watching Do It Yourself television and have decided that this is your year to take hold of your home and yard, then this article is for you. We can all fall into a trance when we watch the professionals show everyday people how to transform their yard and home, but taking it into our own hands is another story, a somewhat overwhelming task at times. Well, we are here to help lead you down the road for what you will need to begin the process of beautifying your landscape – even in the Fall. That is right, even though the growing season is on its last leg, there are many things you can do now to help make your yard look better in the Spring. So do not procrastinate – make your preparations now!

Preparing Flower Beds
What You Need: Weeder, Gloves, Shovel, Hedger

If you are like a lot of people, your flower beds have probably seen better days. Fall is the perfect time to tidy up this small, but big-impact space. First off, you will want to weed the garden. Pull all of the weeds that have either taken over this space, or the few that have crept into your flower garden. If you have tough, pesky weeds, a weeder is a great tool that can help save your hands and help ensure you get the entire weed, rather than just pulling the top half up. Gloves are also a must to keep dirt out of your fingernails and to protect you against anything that may be lurking behind the weeds or shrubs. If you have any dead shrubs or plants that need removing, you will find a shovel comes in very handy. Brushes are a nice touch when they are taken care of. A hedger allows you to give them an even trim on all sides, this can also be done with hedge clippers, but is more difficult to get the landscaped look. Now it is time to plant any spring flowers you want to grow – peonies, tulips and daffodils are great flowers to brighten your flower bed and fall is the perfect time to add these beauties to your landscape. Lastly, protect your plants from the coming harsh weather by mulching the flower bed. The mulch not only helps your plants retain water, it helps retain warmth as well, protecting your shrubs and flowers from freezing during the Winter months.

Lush Lawn Requires Care
What You Need: Lawn Mower, Rake, Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent
As the season turns mowing will slow down, but the last time you mow should be a shorter than usual as you prepare the lawn for winter. If you see bare spots, Fall is the perfect time to reseed for a fuller, more lush lawn in the Spring. It is important to change your fertilizer to a winter type to give your grass the nutrients it needs to survive the winter as it hibernates. Fall is also the time to use pre-emergent on your lawn to minimize future weeds. If you have trees or someone in your neighborhood does, you will want to have a rake and plenty of yard trash bags on hand to rake up lake debris – especially if snow is expected this winter.

Seal Any Cracks
What You Need: Waterproof Caulk, Weather Stripping
Staying warm and energy efficient can be as easy as applying outdoor-grade caulk to any open cracks you may see. Take a walk around your house paying close attention to the seals on your windows. If they do not look properly sealed, add some outdoor-grade caulk to fill in the cracks. On the same note, look at your doors and garage, if they do not close tightly you will want to add weather stripping to make the seal tighter. You and your wallet will be glad you did!


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