The Perfect Ladies Shower Shaver Razor

A couple of weeks ago I was in a state of desperation – well, as desperate as one can be where razors are concerned.

I had been given a few packs of razors that weren’t my usual brand and dummy me, I thought they would be perfect to take for our weekend getaways to the lakes.

What could possibly go wrong with using a different razor for a couple of days?

Let me tell you – I found out!

It was a horrible experience! Horrible I say!

I have extremely sensitive skin on my legs. And for the last 8 years I have been completely loyal to my Schick Silk Effects Plus. It is by far the BEST razor for sensitive legs and for shower shaving – bar none!

Silk Effects Plus has blades with Aloe & Vitamin E strips that provide a safer, smoother shave. Plus, the exclusive micro-fine wires make getting a close shave so much easier and help protect your skin from nicks, cuts and razor burn.

The grip pad on the front and back of the perfect palm sized handle is another major plus. Trying to shave with other razors has been disastrous because the handles slip through soapy hands, and by the time you’re able to retrieve it, you’re left with bare legs that have to be re-lathered for continued shaving.

It sucks!

The biggest problem I have these days is finding stores that actually carry the Silk Effects Plus – it seems Schick isn’t in any hurry to update the old version and it’s being phased out.

I will be sorely disappointed if the day comes that I’m no longer able to purchase my refills.

For now though, Schick Silk Effects Plus shaving system and refills are available on I’ll not be running out of my favorite razors anytime soon.

These razors are perfect for first time shavers too – unlike the old Bic I used back in the day and still have the nice deep scar right up the ankle from – Schick will keep those legs nice, smooth and free of scars!

I also want to point out that I am an everyday shaver – as long as I lay my razor on it’s back to allow the blades to dry promptly, one razor will last me at least 2 weeks. That makes for greater savings on a pricier razor. Still, for a refill pack of 10 the cost is just under $14 – so it’s really not too bad at all.

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