The Roving-Eye Guy

I’ve always known that all men have an eye for an attractive women, but when the guy ogles darned near every women he passes and makes his significant other feel inferior to some degree – there’s a problem.

There’s a huge difference between casually admiring beauty and rubbernecking to the point of disrespect.

What men fail to realize, and ladies correct me if I’m wrong, is that when a man has a roving-eye for women it makes us women feel as though we are continuously competing for our partner’s attention. And while the most confident of women can handle a little competition and humorous exchanges surrounding the ogling, it does get old – and quick.

I know men will be men and they are visual creatures – but even I like to have my man treat me as though I’m the only woman in the world.

Men should really learn how to observe respectfully and keep their mouth shut if they wish to hang on to a woman.

If the woman said she wants a man who is honest – she didn’t mean to this degree! Seriously!

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