The Tragic and Conflicting Details of American Airman Missing in Italy Since July 2

Halex Hale Missing Airman in Italy from Middletown Indiana

There has been conflicting information with regards to American airman missing in Italy. The reason there is conflicting information is there were two bodies found making the emotional trauma much more intense for the parents of Halex Hale.

I have known the family for many years. I have been following the details closely and it breaks my heart that so much conflicting information is floating around that only adds to the heartache of the family of Halex Hale.

In effort to clear things up and to help move beyond so much misinformation, here is what I know…

Following initial reports of a body found in the Adriatic Sea on Monday, July 11, Lance Hale said Air Force officials told him the man discovered in the Adriatic Sea was wearing Italian clothing, had a different shoe size and did not have the same tattoos as his missing son.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., July 12, 2016, the body of Staff Sergeant Halex Hale was found in the Livenza River near Sacile, Italy about a mile away from where he was last seen. Confirmed by the Aviano Air Base

The cause of death is still under investigation. Along with several other friends and family members, I don’t believe it is near as “clear” as the media has reported. A young man does not just walk away from a party leaving behind his wallet, keys and cellphone. Further, there is a video that shows the path Halex would have walked. One does not just fall in a river on that path.

We’re all hoping and praying for the answers his parents deserve.

Please keep the Hale family in your thoughts and prayers. What they have been through is unfathomable and their journey is far from over.

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