Tony Schwartz Co-Author of The Art of the Deal is Acting Like a Jealous Child

the art of the deal

In an article on The New Yorker this morning, Donald Trump’s “Ghostwriter” tells all. Actually, he’s NOT the ghostwriter, but listed as the co-author (see book cover above) of Trump: The Art of the Deal – Tony Schwartz claims to have helped create the myth and now regrets it.

Here are my thoughts:

In the height of such a crucial election year, everyone is going to come crawling out of the woodwork seeking their 15-minutes. I’ve seen several from Hillary Clinton’s service detail come out talking about how mean and filthy-mouthed she is – although the claims against Hillary have been shared for several years. When anyone comes out in the midst of an election season like this, I find it hard to believe anything they say. Schwartz just seems like a jealous child to me.

James Patterson, one of my personal favorites, has several books that show a “co-author” – when I read any one of those, I naturally assume James did not write it, but lent his name to help the writer. I think the same way with Donald Trump, I never once thought he “wrote” it – only that he inspired the content.

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