Trump JUST Gets what typical politicians don’t


Trump compliments Egyptian president’s shoes

trump compliments egyptian presidents shoes cnn

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1. That statement is NOT in the video so apparently that *anonymous source* really is a Tinkerbell fairy capable of being EVERYWHERE.

2. Media, DNC and establishment politicians just DON’T get it.

The American People, people from around the world and YES, EVEN WORLD LEADERS love this man because he is REAL. He’s not some political, talking head full of lip service!

Remember when establishment politician’s on both sides of the aisle claimed Donald Trump would not be accepted Internationally?

If those typical politician’s would get their heads out of their own behinds and take note, something as simple as a compliment on shoes CAN break a certain ice that exists in stuffy suit-and-tie/strictly biz situations.

Here’s the thing…

We (American voters and Trump supporters) DO NOT want our President off Twitter.

Every single day, OUR President is coming into our homes and speaking TO US!

President Trump joins us around the kitchen table, he takes walks with us, he keeps us company in waiting rooms and airport terminals — he lets US know what’s going on and WE LIKE THAT!

Get over it!

MY President is real! He makes me laugh, he makes me think and most of all, he lets me know I AM SAFE! Something NO OTHER President could accomplish, not in my lifetime.

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