Voter Fraud in Indiana – Check Your Registration NOW

voter fraud Indiana 2016

THIS is SO DUMB! Whoever, on the Democrat side, had the BRILLIANT idea to commit voter fraud in INDIANA, WTH is wrong with you? Indiana is the state that holds THE RECORD (along with Kentucky) for declaring their winner on election night because it’s SO VERY RED!

Interesting Indiana Voting Facts: Indiana has been primarily Republican since it joined the Union in 1816. Today Indiana is the “REDDEST” state in the Midwest. Since 1940, it has only voted Democratic in 1964, when Lyndon Johnson won a landslide over Barry Goldwater and again in 2008, when Barack Obama edged John McCain in the 3rd closest race of that election (behind Missouri and North Carolina). In 2012, Indiana was one of only two states that voted differently than 2008 (North Carolina was the other), going strongly for Mitt Romney, 54% to 44% over President Obama.

In both 1992 and 1996, Indiana was essentially an island of red with borders not touching a single Republican-voting state in any direction.

Not the sharpest crayon in the box, are ya?

Anyway… HOOSIERS…Listen up!

In light of the investigation, police are urging voters to visit to confirm that they are properly registered.

If voters discover inaccurate information that indicates they could be a victim, they should contact their local voter registration office and the 24-hour Indiana State Police Voter Registration Application Fraud tip line at (888) 603-3147.

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